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Default Oneida?

Anybody use an Oneida, and if so, how do you like it?
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Default RE: Oneida?

LOVE IT!! Honestly wouldn't shoot another bow made. The smoothness of them are unparalleled. People say they are loud, but I honestly dont think so. They make a different sound than a wheelie bow, so we think they are louder. In the BowTest, the new Black Eagle was only 8 dBs louder than a Switchback, and if I remember correctly, the Black Eagle had only one set of limb savers, and the Switchback had the factory stock noise dampeners everywhere. If you get the chance to shoot one, go for it, I highly doubt you will look back.
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Default RE: Oneida?

I've loved my Oneidas until this last Black Eagle. I've owned a Tomcat for year. Upgraded to a Black Eagle that was awesome. Had a house fire and bought a new Black Eagle and that's where my problems start.

In between the company changed hands and I'm not sure the new owners knew what they were doing at that time. Maybe they do now. My rest was useless, "c" clips were missing and timing cables were loose. I have it shootinggood now but not near as good asmy first Black Eagle.I'm on the fence with what to do but have the winter to decide after hunting season.
A) Send it back and have the factory break it down and re-spec it in.
B) Take it to "The Bowsmithe" Great shop but not a full time Oneida dealer.
C) Do it myself
D) Go with a deferent brand bow.
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Default RE: Oneida?

I prefer them only for bowfishing myself. Reason is that, IMO, they areas not as quiet as I would like for deer/critter hunting(although I know there are die-hards that will argue the point), but they are tough as nails and easy to tune once you get to know them. To me they draw like a recurve with the power and adjustabilityof a compound. Perfect for bowfishing when you have long shots from the bank, shots in deep water, or for water the toughest water critters that require heavier draw weights like gators, big gar, etc.
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Default RE: Oneida?

Did you get my PM Fieldmouse? Call CPO and ask for Matt or Will and tell him your whole story. They will have you send it in, and I will guarantee they will fix her up for you, no doubt. Their customer service is awesome. I haven't heard one bad thing about them. Wouldn't doubt if they fix it for free since it was their fault, even thought he warrenty was out.
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Default RE: Oneida?

I like my two Oneida type bows. Nice bows. It is a different sound, especially with the composite outboards. Down range it is quieter than it is to the shooter, kind of a strange phenom really( Something to do with the hollow pocket on the back of the limbs maybe) but who knows, most people I know who have been around when I shot commented that it was quieter than they expected. Definitely a different sound.

As far as working on them, god, they are super easy to work on. I know I broke my BE down three months ago or so. Removed all the cables and completely retimed the bow, replaced the cables and string and put it back together while watching some TV. Didn't take me more than 30 minutes probably and that was only because replacing the cables to a bit longer than I thought it would.

They do ship them right now with a timing cable that is a bit looser than I would prefer personally. It gives the bow a bit more speed but makes them a bit noisier. I don't know much about their new bow except that those who own them love them, I personally don't have the coin to spend on one.

Fieldmouse.. Guessing you are shooting a Medium LF? They can be a bit trickier according to some folks I have talked too, something about the limb geometry or something. Its the one I have so I have no real reference to go with except to say the factory did ship it with a looser timing cable than I would have licked but they did service the bow for free, replacing all the cables and string on the bow after I bought it used. Thought that was pretty nice.

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Default RE: Oneida?

[:-]I had a Screeming Eagle many years ago.Good finger bow,little to NO recoil,,but talk about limb tip travel [:'(],,,If only they could make them a bit shorter...
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Default RE: Oneida?

Well I will agree it's very easy to work on. Yes I did get your PM Dairyking. I'm just too busy and still have some season left.

I'm leaning to sending it back this winter. Bottomline I love the bow design and how treestand friendly it is. If I buy new I want a stick bow.
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