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Default rain?????

this weekend i was planning to go to my cabin to do some bow hunting but i just checked the weather and theres a good chance it is going to rain friday and saturday, would it be worth going still or am i just better off waiting until theres better weather.
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Default RE: rain?????

Of course
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Default RE: rain?????

wht behavior patterns do deer have when its raining? do they usually movev around, bed down? any advise on how to approach a hunt that involves alil rain would be gretly appreciated
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Default RE: rain?????

Deer will move in a light rain, and you can enter/exit without making much noise. If it downpours, the deer will probably stay bedded. Get out right after the heavy rain and catch them as they rise to feed.
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Default RE: rain?????

We should really have a FAQ on this forum. Chuck, in the future (and now), you may want to try the Search function. Simply typing in 'rain' should get you quite a bit of information, especially since a lot of guys are going to stop answering this question once it's been posed about 50 times.

Now, to answer your question: anything you'd feel comfortable getting out and walking around in without a rain jacket, the deer will walk around in the same as always. If you hunt in warm climates, they'll actually walk around more. Once the rain kicks up to uncomfortable levels, though, you're going to have to get down and walk. Push through the kind of cover you'd be getting into if you were trying to get out of the rain - cedars, thick areas with a lot of overhead foliage. Realize that the rain and wind will 1) make it harder for the deer to hear you; 2) wet the ground so you won't rustle dry leaves and crack dry branches; and 3) cover your scent. I can't imagine much, this side of a hurricane, I wouldn't hunt in.

Good luck!
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Default RE: rain?????

I'd rather hunt in the rain than on a sunny day.
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Default RE: rain?????

Deer ALWAYS move right before a rain and right after. I've never seen them move during a light rain but I would not doubt it if they did. Just make sure its a light rain, I went hunting on morning and the wind was blowing so hard it had blew the stand right out of the tree, later on that town we were hit by an F4 twister.
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Default RE: rain?????

I've shot several deer in the rain,as long as its not a down pour I'd give it a shot. You cant shoot themsitting at home. I hunt any chance I get regardless of the weather. I shot a nice 12 pointer last year on Nov.6 in a light rain. I dont get as much hunting time as I would like so I go regarless of the weather. I also hunted one day late in October and as soon as I got to my tree stand it rained like crazy, and I seen to smaller bucks. I would give it a try.
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Default RE: rain?????

Get your rain gear and GO HUNT IN THE RAIN.
Heavy rain:Get on the ground and stalk thick areas in a strong downpour, go slow and look for bedded deer.

Light to medium rain: Same thing, only deer will be moving, so don't get spotted and hunt from the ground near feeding areas in the evening and beds in the morning.

Heavy wind: Deer will likely bed down or seek shelter in protected draws and bottoms. Remember deer bed with wind at their back and noses and eyes to the front, hunt with the wind in your face and go SLOW.

Light wind: Great time to stalk, wind noise hides the sound of your movement, be careful of variable winds that swirl and send you scent all over.

Approaching storm front: Get in the woods fast (ahead of the front) and stay in your stand. As the storm approaches, deer will feed as much as possible. Once the winds are heavy enough to blow your hat, they will seek shelter. Light wind and rain, stay in stand over food, but once the storm really kicks up, get down and stalk SLOWLY in thick, protected areas.

Good Luck

"Let the small bucks grow, shoot a doe!"
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