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Timberline Power-Glo X-Treme Sight

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Timberline Power-Glo X-Treme Sight

Old 04-02-2002, 07:44 AM
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Default Timberline Power-Glo X-Treme Sight

This is a review of this sight - model 760

I recently purchased this sight. I was looking for a sight suitable for hunting situations where it will undoubtably take a lot of abuse. I'm hauling my bow in and out of tree stands and hunting in very heavy brushy cover much of the time. I tend to be in my tree stand well before first light and don't get out of it until after sundown. Of primary importance to me was durability with bright pins second on the list of priorities. The reason I decided to try this sight was because of it's all metal construction and the suposedly very bright pins.

Website: http://www.timberline-archery.com/default1.asp
Available in dovetail or bracket mount
Weight for bracket mount - 4.6 oz
Pin size - .040
Pin gap - 1/4"
This model comes with 3 pins

From the beginning it was obvious to me that this sight will not be suitable for many people. Target shooters are unlikely to ever choose something like this. It has some obvious limitations. First, there is no micro adjustments on the sight. Sights like this tend to always be a bit of a pain getting dialed in. This one was no exception. Pin gaps are at least 1/4", though pins can be bent for closer settings. My pins are always set further apart than 1/4", so that was of no concern to me. When making adjustments, the sight parts don't move as silky smooth as some sights I've tried, though I didn't have any difficulty getting the proper adjustment. It came with a shiny metal plate that acts like a washer for the screws that make the vertical gang adjustments. I immediately covered this over with black permanent marker. Lastly, this vertical gang adjustment uses two screws. I think they should re-think this for future models.

Now for the positives.

It has a bracket that can be mounted in two positions. One very close to the bow and the other a couple inches further out. (note: the fiber optic above the sight is part of the No-peep, also made by Timbeline Archery. It is not part of this review, but mounts too close to the sight to keep it out of all the photos).

To break this sight, you will probably have to run it over with your truck! The only weak link is the plastic guard for the extra long fiber optic pins, but even this is a step above most designs as far as pin protection goes.

What this guard does do, is give you extremely bright pins. I'm am positive that I will never be able to see the animal if I can't see the pins. The below photo was taken in a very dark room. No way I could have seen a deer even 10 feet away, yet the pins were still quite visible (more so than the photo shows. My camera obviously doesn't pick up light as well as these pins). Supposedly, they use a type of fiber optic that captures U.V light better than most. This is the primary type of light that is present at dusk and dawn. Therefore, when it's most difficult for us to see, this sight performs at it's best. Without a doubt they are the brightest pins I've seen at dusk where an artificial light source wasn't used. Absolutely no need to add a light to this sight.

This sight fits my needs just fine. I seldom touch my adjustments once I've got it sighted in, so it's limitations in that area do not concern me. My primary goals of duability and bright pins were met superbly by this sight. If you're a hunter looking for the same, then given the Timberline sights some serious consideration. They are not only very functional, but a great value as well.
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Old 04-03-2002, 01:56 PM
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Default RE: Timberline Power-Glo X-Treme Sight

Excellent review straightarrow! I got one because when I shoot without my glasses I was having trouble seeing my pins in low light. I can see both these and my no-peep until after I would be unable to see a deer. The pins are extremely bright but are also a bit larger in diameter and that is fine for me and hunting but does block a bit if you are shooting at a dot or something very small. I am very happy with mine but also found, as you did, that the adjustments are not silky smooth and have no graduations so it does take a bit longer to get dialed in. After being set they are very sturdy. John
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Old 04-03-2002, 04:49 PM
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Default RE: Timberline Power-Glo X-Treme Sight


Good point on the pin diameter. They are a bit large, but that works great for low light hunting situations. Undoubtedly another reason why a target shooter will probably not choose this sight. If one wants a rugged, no frills hunting sight with very bright pins then this is just the ticket!
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Old 04-05-2002, 06:53 AM
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Default RE: Timberline Power-Glo X-Treme Sight

Did you find the sight is okay for a 40 yard deer size target because of its size?
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Old 04-05-2002, 02:50 PM
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Default RE: Timberline Power-Glo X-Treme Sight


There would be no problem shooting at a 40 yard deer-sized target. Probably not a major concern, because most target shooters won't choose this site and most hunters won't be taking 40 yard shots.

My own groups at 40 yards haven't changed with this site, though I can now take them much nearer to darkness.<img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>
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