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PSE evo max and PSE DNA

Old 01-03-2013, 02:04 PM
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Default PSE evo max and PSE DNA

I made a post the other day about my situation.

Basically I am a young man trying to pick up hunting as a sport and hobby. I'd very much like to get ready for the next season of bowhunting and I stumbled upon a problem, couldn't find which bow to get.

Since my uncle has a Mathews Drenalin I was kinda biased and wanted to do the same as he, and get a mathews myself. Been reading for a few days on mathews reviews for the drenalin, the z7( both z7 and z7 extreme), the Hoyt carbon element and PSE EVO 7.

I just called a local hunting and fishing pro shop where I asked if they had the PSE EVO 7 or PSE DS EVO in stock. She basically replied that the 2013 season the new bows are now called PSE MAX in place of the evo7 and PSE DNA in place of the DS EVO.

Now, I didn't want to bother her on the phone just cause I have very little knowledge about bows in general. I did get a few infos out of her though.

Basically they sell the PSE MAX for 899$ naked, and told me that without the actual arrows, it would cost an additional 300$ for equipment such as the quiver etc.

Just a few questions I'd like to ask before going into the actual shop on my own.

Does anybody know the difference between the EVO Max and the DNA (or EVO7 and Dream season EVO)? What would a hunter go for in between the 2? What I gathered for info was that basically the brace height between the two was different and that's about it, but what does it affect?
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Greater the brace height more forgivness your bow will have when shooting. Smaller bace heigth it will be faster generaly but less forgiving for your mistakes. As your new to archery I would suggest you look at a more forgiving bow because you will have plenty of trial and error and common bowhunter mistakes. Thats alot of money to drop and a 1st time bow especialy if you havent hunted archery befor. So it is even more imparative that you go down and shoot whats on hand and get an idea of what you like and what feels natural to you. You dont need a 1000 doller compound set up to kill. I mean I still shoot a martin threshold still and its not a complicated or fancy bow at all, but when I went down to the shop and I shoot it great and it felt right. And as a poor man at the time the 300 i spent on setting that up was alot for me to part with. Im not saying that buying a great bow to begin with is a bad investment, but your first few months of shooting a Great shooter with a average bow can outshoot an not so great shooter with a impressive top of the food chain bow. Dont shy away from looking at used bows already tuned up and set up to the hilts by there owners who have to sell them way cheeper now! One mans mistake is another mans luckey day!

Ohh and as a beginner expect to shoot and lose lots of arrows. Expensive arrows needed for expensive bows and first time shooting at animals is alot differnt the at the indoor practice range. Expect to lose arrows.

Good Luck Niccum

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Default I see the pain

But I'm so old I can't help newbies. How would you tell one to keep to price and learn to judge a bow by holding it and not shooting it until after you buy it.
To admit the above will only add to the pain.
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HN I am new my self and this is the plAce to be for advice. I just bought a PSE rally ready to shoot package deal was $379 then I had to get the arrows, reLease, wax all together was $485 was a lot to spent for me but it is a bow that I can grow with And after shooting I love it.
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OK, I will try to help you out as much as I can. First off it is true what BC said about brace height. Normally a higher brace height will be more forgiving. I would tell you to look at bows that are in the about 7 1/2" or greater BH. I shot a bunch of bows just this past Monday. I've been shooting bows for over 50 years (long before compounds). I have a few Martins but on Monday I shot PSE DS DNS, Hoyt Carbon Matrix, Bowtech Insanity, Matthews Helium and Ballistic, And an Elite (can't remember the model). I ended up buying the PSE DNA because it was smooth and very fast. But, and I mean a big but...the bow has a very low brace height due to its riser design. I would not recommed that bow to a beginner unless they were disciplined in proper bow form and dedicated to a lot of practice. From all those I shot on Monday, the Matthews Ballistic would have been my second choice. That is a very nice bow and for only about $500. I'd recommend it to anyone. Martin also makes some very nice bows that are reasonably priced. Something like the Exile would also be a great bow for beginner on up. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'd hate to see you throw away your money on a bow that you have difficulty shooting accurately. If you can't shoot a fast bow accurately it only means you will miss your target faster.
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