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Default RAGE 3 blade mechanical broadhead

Any experiences with this broadhead? I've used NAP Spitfires with some success in the past, but genereally I've used Thunderheads. Just curious if the RAGE 3 blade worked well. They clame that their broadhead doesn't cause the arrow to "kick" on shots hitting at an angle, but I'm not sure I buy that. Let us know if you've used them. Thanks.
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Default RE: RAGE 3 blade mechanical broadhead

I almost bought them, but went with the G5 Tekan IIs instead
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Default RE: RAGE 3 blade mechanical broadhead

I have the 2 blades and love them.. Death on a stick..But no idea about the 3 blades..

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Default RE: RAGE 3 blade mechanical broadhead

I have a full review on the subscribers side of my website. That said they are pretty good heads, but do have some flaws.
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Default RE: RAGE 3 blade mechanical broadhead

Idecided to try the 100gr 3 blade this year.

So far shooting at targets they have flown pretty good, dead on left and right with my fieldpointsbut about 2" low at 40 yards. I have 6 headsand all weighed in a little over 109 grains, soI wasnt worried about them coming in a little low. As for grouping, they have been doing good enough to ruin vanes. The penetrate pretty good. Shooting into my block target they go in about the same depth as my 100gr 3 blade Muzzys but not as deep as my 100gr Wac Ems.The Wacems have the smallest diameter and a cut on contact tip so this is not a suprise.

I have not had the chance to take an animal yet but I have noticed a few draw backs while hunting

The blades tend to come loose after riding in your quiver. They snap in place by a small protrusion of the blade going behind anoring but it is not real tight. Several times as I went to nock an arrow and1 or 2 of the blades would be loose and partially deployed. I also spot and stalk hunt and if your arrows is nocked and even slightlybumps a branch the blade will partially deploy. You have to be very carefull I tried to shoot at my target with 2 blades partially deployed to see what would happen and it was not good. I shot 3 times, all 3 hit more than 4" off.A different way each time at 30 yards. The arrow flight was very sporatic.

I hope this helps I think they are an good head you just have to be carefull. Next year I will go back to my WacEm unless something else catches my eye.
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Default RE: RAGE 3 blade mechanical broadhead

Used them this year on elk hunt shot a big bull, 2 bad shots (hit bulky coat sleeve) still recovered elk. First shot hit paunch area angling back went thru off side back leg completly till the tip just cut thru hide. Cutting tip still sharp enough to slice open hide.Heres picture of entry hole:

Second shot again hits sleeve hits elk in shoulder blade. Broadhead penetrates blade and lodges in same.Recover broadhead when deboning, find head thru thickest part of shoulderblade other than the bone ridge. Point of head is sticking out ofblade 1/2" to 3/4", cutting point is curled back. Have to drive head backwards out ofblade to remove. The head is ruined because the side force of going thru bone breaks the sides of ferrule that enclose blades.
May not sound very durable, but if you would have seen the cirumstances I think you would be impressed as I am.
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