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Pics of your bowfishing rigs!

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Default Pics of your bowfishing rigs!

Hi! Help a newbie out please. Id like to try out bowfishing but not sure what to get. From reading posts, I think im getting warmer on the right items to buy but id love to see some close up pics of ya'lls set-ups and how they work. Ive got 2 bows to choose from...a mathews 70# z-max that I can probably crank back into the low 60# area.

Also I have an old recurve that been collecting dust that might be perfect. I'll post some pics of it when I get home in about a week, but from what I recall it doesnt have any holes drilled in it for a stabilizer or sights.

Ive been to the online stores and looked at all the different items that might work for me, but Id like to see some pics of set-up bowsfrom the guys in the field. What works best for you? thanks
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Default RE: Pics of your bowfishing rigs!

Also I have an old recurve that been collecting dust that might be perfect. I'll post some pics of it when I get home in about a week, but from what I recall it doesn't have any holes drilled in it for a stabilizer or sights.
You don't need sights, shoot instinct. The recurve sounds like your best option. Trust me, you don't want to be lugging around a compound, much-less pulling it back all the time. Get your insert put in it and get a reel seat, real, and an arrow. Put a little moleskin down for the arrow to sit on and wall-ah, you have a bowfishing bow!

Oh, I don't have any pics of my bow and seeings how I am at work I can't get any. Sorry
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Default RE: Pics of your bowfishing rigs!

Here's mine....

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Default RE: Pics of your bowfishing rigs!

at 60lbs you're going to be digging your arrows out of the mud and stumps all day long.

I have an all fiberglass recurve and a bear recurve that are both 45lbs. I tried a 65lb recurve at first and it wore me out from shooting and digging arrows out.
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Default RE: Pics of your bowfishing rigs!

Martin warthog #45 I can shoot this bow all day long and it floats too!!!
" />
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Default Mine's so ugly, it would break the camera!

Just a beat-up old Bear Kodiak recurvepulling 45# with a Zebco 808 stoked with fast flight... ugly as sin too... colors starting to fade, never been cleaned, smells like a bait-standbut shoots straight as piss.

Got a little compound bow rigged as a back-up, but I prefer the weight and snap-shooting abilites of the recurve... I've shot Tilapia right at my feet at half or 1/4 draw from the waist. Too much motion with them and they are gone at about Mach 4.

Also, I've found that with compounds I spend too much time digging my arrows out of cattail roots and sunken logs that wuz acting like a fish. Danged hard on the tips too with a stone bottom.

I just shoot carp, Tilapia and smallish gar. If I ever went out after the big gators I'd want the compound though.

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Default RE: Mine's so ugly, it would break the camera!

That's a nice bow there jpxpress.

I have a recurve with a spincast and 2 compounds with Retrievers. One compound is set at 40-lbs and the other is turned down to 50 I think. The recurve is a 55-pounder, but I almost never shoot it full-draw, unless it's a really long shot. You reallydon't need more than 40 for bowfishing.

Get this for your recurve. You can use it on the front of your bow for mounting a reel-seat or on the side for mounting a Retriever.

Fish-hook rest and dovetail mount for Retriever on my compound( I have it on my recurve now in case I need to replace my reel).

Recurve with Fuzz-mount for spincast and wood-filed riser to shoot of shelf

And my recurve with the reel-seat and a little pressure-switched tacticle light

I now have a plumbers putty rest on the recurve. I like all the different rests and reel-mounts, except the Fuzz-mount. It made the bow too heavy on one side to hold for long periods of time. I liked shooting the recurve off the shelf the best. And the Fish-hook rest on the compound I like alot too. It's inexpensive and tough. And it keeps the arrows from falling off pretty good.
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Default RE: Mine's so ugly, it would break the camera!

Martin X-7 Lynx 55# 29-31in. draw. It's perfect for me for bowfishing, A guy had it that lives down the street for my parents, got it for 75 bucks. Guy said he shot it maybe 10 times, it was like brand new. I like the nice wood and finish on it, but more imprtantly it shots great and gets the job done. AMS retriever, Muzzy predator w/ muzzy quick release carp point.

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