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.54 maxiball

Old 10-16-2012, 02:08 PM
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Default .54 maxiball

I bought a .54 maxiball mold from Duffer over on MM. I know there are better styles of conical bullets out there for hunting but I thought these 416 grainers would be nice for plinking and I presently don't have any other .54 molds. After a little time getting to know the mold, I am getting some decent looking bullets from it. Weights are consistant and edges are sharp.
For those of you who use maxiballs, what lube are you using and what method have you found works the best for lubing them. The bands are different diameters on maxiballs so my normal method of lubing and sizing won't work for these.
Thanks, Art
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The Maxiball is a great short to mid range conical. And depending on the individual rifle it will good good at farther distances. I used them in my 50s and my 45s with good success. In the .54 they will pack a whallop at both ends. For lube - in cooler weather straight bore butter works fine. But warmer weather you will need to stiffen it up a bit. I mix about 25% bees wax with it and pour the mixture into small containers to cool. Some guys in here have recipies for good home brewed lube.
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I use a homemade lube. I put a dollop on my finger and then just roll the maxiball in that until all the grooves are filled. When you shoot them, any excess is blown off them anyway. I always liked the Maxiball. Try them with 70 grains of powder in a 1-48 twist barrel. They really plant critters.
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I shoot the maxiball out of my white rifle. Its real accurate and I have killed several deer with it.
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I've killed a pile of deer with home-cast 435 gr 54 cal maxiballs shot over 100 gr loose pyrodex. This was my Renegade's preferred load. I always lubed with bore butter. Just squoze some out and filled the grooves, nothing tricky about it.

There may be "better" conicals out there, but I shot them from a gun with a peep sight. Within open-sight ranges, I never found these bullets lacking anything.
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