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Bullet suggestions for CVA Optima

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Bullet suggestions for CVA Optima

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Default Bullet suggestions for CVA Optima

I have a CVA Optima 50 cal. I have been shooting the 295 gr. Aerotip Powerbelts and 2 pellets of Triple 7. I just haven't been able to get to hold any groups. Every time I go shoot it is the same thing. Mostly alll the shots are within a paper plate size area at 100 yards, but I can't get them any closer. Most times i am to the left of the bulls eye ceter but occasionally I am some right. Same with up and down. There just is no consitency. I clean between every shot with a damp path and 1-2 dry patches. I was playing around the other day and tried a few Winchester 260 gr. sabots that my cousin gave me. The first one shot with the Powerbelts. The second was the closest to the bulls eye and the next three missed the target completely.

I am looking for suggestions on a bullet to try with Triple Seven. I was thinking maybe the Powerbelt Aerolites would maybe be a better choice or trying the Hornady SST. Since I would like to stay with pellets I was also consider the IMR White Hots since CVA recommends them, but don't I don't know much about them. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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For sabots you need the MMP HPH24 Sabots "black' and use a .451-.452" dia 45cal bullet. hornady sst/shockwaves / harvester scorpion pt gold in 260gr do awesome in my guns including the optima.

Me personally, I think your best bet is to ditch the pellets and order some blackhorn209.
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Go to loose powder, then you can vary the powder charge until you find what works...No need to let pellets dictate what bullets you use...Here is what I got with a buddy's Optima when I sighted her in with Goex FFF and .429-.430 Hornady 300gr XTPs and a Harvester plain green sabot...

I have sighted in 5 different inlines with this same bullet/sabot combo with good results...On all of them I ended up with 80-85grs of FFF Goex...

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The sst is a good choice 777 pellets may not be.
If you must shoot pellets get some Pyrodex pellets in both 30 and 50 grains and try it this way wiping between every shot. 3x30 grain, 2 x 50 grain, 4x30grain, 2x 50grain +1xx30. do not exceed your guns max recommended powder load which I believe to be 3x 50 grain which does not usually show much accuracy.
On the other hand if you wish to get the best your gun will do get a u-view TC volume measure and a can of Blackhorn start at 90 grains and go up 10 grains for each group mark you targets and go up to 120 grains when you know which load is shooting the tightest group constantly try 5 grains on each end [up and down] to find your long range load.
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