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youth or ladies muzzleloader???? help

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youth or ladies muzzleloader???? help

Old 11-16-2009, 03:45 PM
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Default youth or ladies muzzleloader???? help

my fiance is just getting started hunting and i want to get her started with a smoke pole. i cant find any youth or ladies muzzleloaders i dont want any rossie or new england or CVA junk. i want a TC or knight what model am i looking for? any ideas on powder charges? keep in mind she is 5'0 and 120lbs.i want a inline like an omega or knight disc or something but it has to be carbine. any help would be appreciated. thanks
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Old 11-16-2009, 04:20 PM
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I have a friend who's son (a small young man) hunts with a Knight Wolverine .50 caliber. He shoots 80 grains of Pyrodex RS and a 240 grain XTP and kills his deer every year. If that kid could handle that rifle, any woman could.

Actually I think almost any of the modern rifles could be loaded down enough for your lady to shoot one. Muzzleloaders don't seem to kick all that bad until you get them over 100 grains.
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Old 11-16-2009, 04:41 PM
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I agree with Cayugad. Any ML can be loaded appropriately for the lady.

Fit and feel is the important thing. I would take her to a shop that has a variety of MLs, like Cabala's, and let her shoulder as many different models as possible to see what "feels" right to her.

If it's a carbine you want, I can recommend the Omega X7 highly.
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Old 11-17-2009, 05:00 PM
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There's a Yukon Youth drop breech in the Traditions Bargin Bin right now for $109.95 that's an online only special.
The length of pull is 13.25 inches which should be perfect. And the Yukon action is a clone of the Remington Genesis except it has a 22 inch barrel.
It comes with a free rifle case too!


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Old 11-17-2009, 05:27 PM
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look at the triumph i like mine. I think it feels more like a ruger 10/22 but alittle heavier. From what i have heard the triumph is headed for the top of the hill.
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Old 11-17-2009, 05:28 PM
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While any muzzle loader that is capable of shooting sabots well can be tuned with a 200gr 40 cal bullet and 90 or 100gr of powder to work well for the smaller lighter people I believe that a Triumph Bone Collector or a buggy rifle which has the shorter trigger pull length would give them a much better chance of hitting what they shoot at. If you know how to measure trigger pull and cut down a wood stock you might fit an omega with a wood stock to her.
To measure the trigger pull length hold your elbow strait out from your shoulder with your palm turned to ward your face and measure from the right angle that your elbow makes to the joint on your trigger finger closest to the finger nail. This should be very close to the measurement you get from the trigger to the center of the butt plate or recoil pad. Not fitting the weight of the gun or trigger pull right is where a lot of young people and ladies get discouraged because trying to shoot a gun that don't fit and learn to shoot at the same time is a mountain to climb. There may be other guns with the right trigger pull and weight but the only ones I can think of right now that are any good in the sense that I would give them to my wife or kids would have to be altered. A lot of people do not realize how important this is; I do I enjoyed shooting muzzleloaders and archery with my first wife until a few months before she died about 45 years and while I love my present wife very much I miss the companionship of shooting and hunting together.
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Old 11-17-2009, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by redneckmike87 View Post
i cant find any youth or ladies muzzleloaders i dont want any rossie or new england or CVA junk. thanks
kinda strong first post. im sorry you feel that way. cant speak for rossi but i see plenty of cva and new england firearms users that dont think of them as junk.not many small frame inline muzzys. theres a few caplocks and flintlocks on the market.if you wanna spend a bunch and if your looking for small lightweight muzzleloader the thompson center g2 is the smallest lightest going. http://www.tcarms.com/firearms/g2Contender.php in my state you need to qualify for pistol permits i believe with that gun as its frame is interchangeable with shotgun and pistol barrels. as far as small and light weight- cva optima-s and wolfs would be about the same with a 24" barrel and between 6-7 pounds for like 200$. i wish there were companies making carbine inlines. i think they would sell a boat load. the rossi ladies-youth muzzleloader looks like fun to play with though at 5 lbs and 20 inch barrel. http://www.rossiusa.com/product-deta...crumbseries=YM

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Old 11-18-2009, 05:32 PM
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hey im not trying to offend cva hunters but i have had a few that just wernt up to snuff and so have my hunting buddies my omega or my best friends black diamond have never let us down and they feel better in the hands not least to say american made. thanks for the ideas im thinking of purchasing one of my friends old black diaamond carbines or taking a z5 omega to the gun smith and getting it chopped and recrowned. im still not sure but thanks for the help
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Old 11-18-2009, 06:19 PM
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I had a T/C Black Diamond for years, could never get that POS to group.
Bought a NEF, cut the barrel to 20", cut 2" off the stock and it grouped 2" at 100yards out of the gate.
I load it with 80gr Blackhorn209 with a 260gr PRbullet extreme elite, a perfect youth gun.

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Old 11-19-2009, 07:41 AM
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I just got my wife a CVA Buckhorn...I'll admit it is a little hard to clean but it is an accurate little gun and at $90 its a great gun. 200 gr .452 xtp and 65 grs of T7.....Her xtps are the left....Recovered out of her 09 buck
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