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Black Powder Ask opinions of other hunters on new technology, gear, and the methods of blackpowder hunting.

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Default .308 load for deer

Hi guys i'm lookin to get on my 1st rifle hunt for whitetail and i was wondering what you recomend. i have a rem. 700 SPS. i have a ton of different powders and i got 150 Combine TEch. Ballistic tips and i have 180 gr. Nosler PArtions. tell me what you think would be best.
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This is the ML forum, you'll have better luck in the Big Game or Guns forums.

I did try a 125gr .308 once in a sized-down 50BMG sabot but apparently 1:28 twist is quite short to sabilize
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You are on a black powder site so I doubt you will get a lot of help; however I would personally not use a 180gr. bullet in a .308 for whitetail. The bullet is heavier than necessary and the extra recoil I would find uncomfortable. I don't like heavy recoil if not necessary. In fact for that reason when hunting whitetail my personal preference for a rifle is my 7X57 which is a tack driver and has very comfortable recoil. This rifle caliber has killed more elephant than any other caliber so I guess whitetail is a walk in the park.
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Any 150gr-165gr bullet in .308 caliber is made for deer...
I'd go with CoreLokts, PowerPoints, Federal Blue box, whatever grouped best in my rifle...No need for an expensive bonded bullet for deer with the .308...
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If you are looking to jus have another rifle for hunting whitetails I recommond many of the great muzzle loaders on the market today. I myself like the 50cals as componets can be found for them just about any where from the big city box stores to mom and pops ye old black powder & gun shop.

The 308 is plenty of caliber for deer. I load mine with IMR 3031 powder with a Speer 150gr. mag tip bullet. I also like the 165gr Serria game king hollow point boat tails.

Isn't Ohio a no rifle deer hunting zone?

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