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cold snap

Old 01-14-2009, 03:44 PM
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Default RE: cold snap

It might be time to go wolf hunting. I feel for you fellers up there in all the cold.
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Old 01-14-2009, 03:51 PM
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Default RE: cold snap

in charlotte its supposed to be 5 degrees on saturday,last week we were in the low 60's. i have only been on one paid hunt in my life. i went to illinois the first week of december about 6 years ago. the day we arrived it was 12 below. we never saw above zero temps all week. coldest week of bowhunting i have ever been in. by the end of february its usually warms up pretty quick here.
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Default RE: cold snap

I live in Western New York, next to Lake Erie, Snow Belt Country,,,,,,right now it's about 2 degrees and dropping
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Default RE: cold snap

well, its 22 above right now in western pa.
it was 16 above at noon.

its going to be 1 above on friday.

its cold but wind was not blowing today.

when wind blew last week warmer than this, i was colder.

i have electric heat and its fine in thehouse.

you folks are really getting hit hard.

i have not seen a deer in my yard in 7 days, i have corn out and nothing, only 1 rabbit too.

nothing is moving.

this by far is worst winter in pa in a long time for us.

i was not even interested in hunting after spending 2 weeks of deer in this windy weather.

roads are mess ,you cant go anywhere in woods without chains on .
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Default RE: cold snap

Damn that Al Gore. If he hadn't invented global warming,none of this would be happening


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Last night was -22+ below zero. The neighbor had -29 below last night but he lives down in the river bottom. Tonight they are talking -28 below so it will mean more like -35 below zero really. Its always about five degrees or more colder at my house then in town. Then when you add the windchill factor, you get in the -50 below factor. So its a good time not to be outside on the range and shoot. Just walking out to the mail box was a trip.
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Default RE: cold snap

They are saying it is going to get to -26 tonight without the windchill. -44 with the windchill. But then they are saying in the mid 30's on Saturday.
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Default RE: cold snap

It is so cold here in Minnesota I saw a chicken in our yard with a capon.
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Default RE: cold snap

Back in the 80's (lol) I woke up in an Army tent while on exercise and it was 55 below. I thought I'd be a good guy and lit the coleman lantern and stove. When I brought it back into the tent, to my horror it was empty!!! Everyone bailed in the middle of the night and left me there to sleep alone. They went and slept in the CP where there were heaters running all night. Maybe it was my snoring????? During that exercise I heard trees snapping in the cold, our rum ration froze darn near solid and we never shut off our vehicles because we wouldn't be able to restart them. We had a bunch of our Southern friends up for that exercise. They parachuted in and when they hit the ground they were frozen stiff. That was the coldest I've ever been.
Except maybe an ice fishing trip........ but that's another story of a young and foolish fisherman.
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Default RE: cold snap

We set a new record low last night in our county of negtive -19F. Two of my friend took advantage of the clear sky and still bright moon and went youte hunting till 3:00 AM. they got 4 youtes, called in 7 and missed 3 of them in 8 sets.
I had to fast for some blood work so I didn't go with them.

Ya deer eat red cedar here. When they(deer)yard up the youtes are close by to pick off some of the smaller weaker ones. We will set up and do fawn distress calls to get the youtes to come in and pop them.

I also would pratiac the 3 s's and shoot some wolves too.

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Default RE: cold snap

It is -38 right now in good old North Dakolda. High today was -17. Did quite a bit of shoveling snow today. Pretty brisk.
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Quick Reply: cold snap

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