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Ruger old army

Old 02-06-2008, 10:34 PM
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Default Ruger old army

What is a fair price for one now that Ruger has stopped production? Found one but He wants 475.00 in very good condition. 7 1/2" blue Ok finish on the grips
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Default RE: Ruger old army

I picked one up used in the local sports store last year for $250 and considered it a good deal[ its close to mint inthe original box with the paper and tools really did not need another but could not resist it. Lee
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Default RE: Ruger old army

$450 and up is what I have been seeing on Gunbroker.

I paid $300 for a blue one LNIB over 10 years go.
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Default RE: Ruger old army

I paid $500 for mine on Gunbroker, near mint with original papers, etc.

Actually I was out shooting it for the first time today, it shoots very well.

Something that seems odd to me, the manual says to remove the cylinder completely take out the cylinder pin. However the rammer retaining clip prevents the cylinder pin from being completely withdrawn from the frame. The cylinder comes out just fine, just wondering if I am reading something wrong...?

Otherwise it is a fine gun.
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Default RE: Ruger old army

RobertSubnet,goatbrother,Do you use or have you tried bullets since they made a law here that you could use bullets of 220 gr or more and use a black powder pistol for deer huntingI am interested in finding out whatever I can. You can use balls but have to have at least a 9 inch barrel to do so. Mine will stack 6 balls in the same hole at 25 and keep them in 2,5 inches at 50 [ with iron sights ] but I have never messed around with bullets in any of mine[ I havehad 3] I would appricate any info. Lee
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Default RE: Ruger old army

Ruger old army pistols are about the best BP handgun out there. That being said, they produce marginal power for deer hunting according to some states that have minimum velocities and/or projectile wts for deer hunting.The Old Army may have problems making some of these floors. They are ok at the closer ranges and you should be carefull and keep shots realistic if your state does not have these issues. Accuracy isn't an issue as these guns are typically very accurate.

That price is pretty steep for a used old army. If it were stainless, in the box and pristine, maybe 425. Wasn't too long ago they sold for less than $400 at midway.
Right now they are listing the 5 1/2 blue at 550 and the stainless at 630 without any discounts. You can do better. That being said, prices are being pumped up a bit by the cowboy action crowd and the false perception that there is some "collectability" thing going on with them.

Also, lots of folks do not take good care of the blued ones. They look good on the outside but are rusted junk in the barrel and cylinders. I would look at it very close. If I were going to buy an Old Army, I would go stainless for sure.

I just checked on gunbroker. There are several listed in the 450 range, brand new with buy it now at 449 or so. Here is one link, there are several others. I think you could get a new stainless one for 450 or so pretty easily.
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Default RE: Ruger old army

If one chooses to hunt with a handgun, there are many choices. If one chooses to hunt with a percussion revolver, there is one choice and that is the ROA.

Can anyone identify a state hunting venue that permits the use of a handgun, but stipulates ballistics requirements beyond the capability of the ROA? We would honestly like to know. We hate to plead ignorance of any such situation, but if it can be identified, it is our business to overcome it. That's what we do.

As to buying your ROA, vigilance and perseverance will turn up your anticipated bargain.We paid $125 forthe first one - used of course. This year,we paid $225 for one - blemished, but mechanically fine. Just take your time, buy quality over price, don't buy new, and immediately begin shooting it -a lot.

Don't buy all the complexities that come at you from the web. The principles were simple in 1836. The practice of those principles is far easier today, in spite of all the gab that has found its way in.

Ballistic arguments notwithstanding, the ROA will never be a long range deer gun. Good, very powerful loads that will kill with one shot can be kept in a 3" circle at 50 yards. It's putting that shot there every time that makes the gun effective and the ROA will do that if you will, but that takes shooting - a lot. The merciful part of this is that the ROA is better suited to doing this as a practical matter than most other handguns. It is accurate, reliable, durable, flexible for load development, and extremely inexpensive to shoot - a lot.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Default RE: Ruger old army

Indiana only allows single-shot pistols of 50 cal or larger with at least a 12-inch barrel. I took deer at close with a hot-loaded Rem Army 1858 but it has to stay home in this state.

This reg is the reason I'm likely going to make a powerful ML pistol from scratch in the next year or two.
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Default RE: Ruger old army

I have taken three deer with my Ruger Old Army at short ranges. They are the best blackpowder pistol out there.At that priceI would take it , if the pistol is in very good condition.
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