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Selling a ML

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Default Selling a ML

I'm wanting to sell my muzzle loader to a friend of mine. Are there laws and regulations regarding this matter like other firearms or does he just have to be 18?
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Default RE: Selling a ML

I know in Oregon there are no registrations background checks or anything for black powder. Just need to be 18. I think most states are the same.
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Default RE: Selling a ML

In most jurisdictions it is considered a fire arm and has to follow all of the same laws. Your best bet would be to go to your local police station or pro gun shop and ask. Always write down the name of whom you are speaking in case what they tell you comes back later to be not all correct.

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Default RE: Selling a ML

Between private citizens, an antique firearm in the United Statesis under a different set of rules. In some States a State and orFederal firearms form and back ground check might have to be made. Let me ask, can you purchase a firearm on line or from a store without all the background checks? For instance, I can purchase a black powder rifle on line and the seller can mail it right to my door. If you can I suspect you do not need to do all that paper work to see one. You could call local law enforcement agencies and ask them just to make sure. In some States, black powder rifles are not even registered to the owner.

I would make out a bill of sale for the rifle. In that bill of sale list a complete description of the rifle; make, model, serial number, caliber, etc. Also note on that who the seller is and who the person purchasing the rifle is. Make note of how you identified the purchaser. Then have something that you make note of that the person is of legal age to own the firearm, and that the purchaser informed you,there are no laws restricting the ownership of this firearm by the purchaser. Have them date and sign it with the agreed price noted. Make a second copy of that form and give that to them as well. Keep that original sales agreement for any future records, should the rifle ever be traced back to you through legal channels for any reason.

This is what I have done.
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Default RE: Selling a ML

Here are the regs for Texas. Lukily we still have some common sense laws:

Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 46.06
Texas prohibits the sale or transfer of firearms to youth under the age of 18, except that youth under 18 may obtain written permission or consent from a parent or legal guardian for the sale or transfer.

Texas has no minimum age for possession of firearms.

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Default RE: Selling a ML

Most states in the US do not consider a muzzleloader a firearm. There are a few that do like New Jersey and I believe Illinois that have some regulations for muzzleloaders. Like Dave said if you can buy from a shop without all the paperwork and you are selling a pure muzzleloader (not one that can be converted to a firearm like the Encore, Pro-hunter, NEF Huntsman and a couple of other break action ones that can take a shotgun or rifle barrel) you should be just fine expecially if the guy is also in your state. The sales receipt is a good idea just for records later if something should come up.
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Default RE: Selling a ML

You can order and recieve muzzleloaders from any of the on line sporting goods store, ie natchez, midsouth, cabelas, bass pro etc. They are not considered a firearm per BATF. There are states that have different rules and I don't know which ones they are except if you go on line and look there will be states listed from the stores that they will not ship to those states. Hope this helps
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Default RE: Selling a ML

Damn I have to move to the States! Here, in Canada,you have to give a left testicle to own them. Although it is getting better with the new government.
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Default RE: Selling a ML

ORIGINAL: QTompkins2005

I'm wanting to sell my muzzle loader to a friend of mine. Are there laws and regulations regarding this matter like other firearms or does he just have to be 18?
In most jurisdictions in the Untied States, muzzlleoading long arms are NOT considered firearms, and are thus NOT regulated. There are some exceptions, but even in NY State,(outside of NYC!!) long ML's are not regulated. This may not be true in NYC, or Washington, DC, two locationswhere everything is basically prohibited. You can ask your local DA's office (prosecuting attorney), if you want an answer for where you are living.

What Eric said is true IN CANADA, which in recent years has become a police state, along with the U.K. and Australia. So far, we have pretty much managed to prevent thisfrom happening here, except for places like NYC, DC, Baltimore, and of course, California. But it is a constant struggle. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty!
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Default RE: Selling a ML

All guns that can be converted to a cartridge firing weapon must be registered when purchasing from a dealer; however, federal law mandates the sale of firearms. That being said there are state and local laws that may require you to go through the hassle of ensuring the rifle is registered. A true muzzle loader does not need to be registered when you purchase from a dealer, but the laws continually change. I wouldn't know how you would go about registering a gun that you sale privately and don't have an FFL. I have weapons that are not registered under my name from a FFL holder and I was concerned about the same questions when I came in the military, but I have had no problem registering them on a military installation. As I understand the whole system of registering firearms system it is pretty much a joke. Most of the registration data is hard copy and is a very difficult process to track. All FFL holders keep the copies until they either go out of business or sale out. Then the ATF takes possesion of the files. There are so many states that do not require any action on saling of a personal firearm. If you research the system you will find out the system is broke and I truly hope they leave the system just the way it is currently. Everyone is so particular when it comes to gun laws. What ever happened to honor and integrity? Everyone says that guns kill. I beg to differ. It is ultimately the person that choose's to take another persons life or comit a crime. The right to own and sale a firearm is one of the rights that the american soldiers has fought and died to preserve in our great country. It is also your right to disagree and voice your concerns. Ok, I have said enough, thanks for letting me vent a little.I wish ya'll a Merry Christmas or just a Happy Holidays.

Always do what is right even when no one is watching.
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