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Default RE: TC Omega w/ NIKON BDC optic.


Quite often in fact more than quite often magnum loads (150 grain) will not give you the best accuracy - it will get the bullet there quicker and it will get it in the area...

One of the reasons I have even looked at Nikon BDC ( I think that is the one that is set up for 150 grains/250 bullet) What if you do not shoot that load? I do use ballistic reticules but you have to detirmine the drop of your particular load.

I shoot either 100 or 110 grain loads and they do the job quite effectively. i would suggest to you that you drop back to 100if you are using pellets and give that a try - I am sure your accuracy will come together.

Here are my favorite loads for my Omega:

Here are my most favorite loads as written in another posr...

for Elk
100 grains T7-2f (loose) .458/300 grain(45-70) Nosler Partition PP, HPH-24 Sabot, 25 acp ignition
for deer
100 grains T7-2f (loose) .451/260 grain Nosler Partition HP, HPH-24 sabot, 25 acp ignition

These bullets are expensive so for an alternative and a bullet that I can shoot paper as well as big game - I am moving to the Speer Gold Dot Bonded HP's, either the .452/300 for elk or the .452/250 for deer. Same powder load and sabot.

I buy all of my bullets in bulk reloaders boxes and order the sabots separately... trying to keep cost down. Buying bubble packages of bullets and sabots can really add up.

Good luck with your new gun...

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Default RE: TC Omega w/ NIKON BDC optic.

You might experiment with your gun and load to see what the combo will do with a 120, 100, or even 80 or 90 grains of powder. Its not about getting good groups, its about finding that "magic" combination of powder and bullet that your rifle likes. What I'm about to suggest is time consuming and kind of expensive but its what you need to do. Go buy afew different types of bullets and just experiment.
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Default RE: TC Omega w/ NIKON BDC optic.

I have the exact same set up but only using 100 g of powder pellets. I don’t think a magnum load is really necessary unless your gun needs to shoot that. Plus the thing kicks like a mule and if you’re not in a shooting vice that helps keep the recoil down you will not be able to shoot long and more importantly consistent.

I like the Nikon scope but if read the directions there is a way to tailor that scope with the loading that you like. If you do not have directions anymore just let me know and I will paste them.

I agree that if you tame back on the amount of powder the groups should be closer.

I have been using the Shockwave 250 and seen decent shooting at 100 yd’s but I hope I can get the pattern to tighten a bit more (2 inch groups at 100 yd’s) haven’t went any further then that yet due to the limitation at the range. Plus the gun is still very new only 25 round shoot through it so far.

I have some Barnes bullets and the box says that they need 150 G of powder but I only used 100 and didn’t even hit the paper when I just hit a bull’s-eye the shot before with a shock wave 250. Crazy how this works!
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Default RE: TC Omega w/ NIKON BDC optic.

Keep your setup but change/experiment with different powder levels. Once you find an accurate consistent load, set a target at 100 and shoot a group with each aiming point to get an idea how high each is over the center cross hair group. Then find out from others shooting the same load (or by chronographing) what the velocity is and put the data into a ballistics calculator to determine the distance each aiming point is regulated to for that load. Then your good to go. I hope this makes sense and helps.
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Default RE: TC Omega w/ NIKON BDC optic.

120grs. of T7 will shoot to the same POI as three pellets T7,or Pyrodex. We just converted a friend over to the three pellet load. He shoots a Omega. The gun drives tacks with either 100 grs. pyrodex,or three Pyrodex Pellets. If you are shooting under 150yds. there is no need for the three pellet load. If you are planning on "reaching out there" 200-250yds,yeah you need the added velocity of the three pellet load. We have allot of open bean?corn fields here. So we set our guns up for long range. More than one Buck was taken last year at over 200yds. A bunch were taken in the timber line at less than 100yds,too. My wife shoots 90 grains of Pyrodex,and limmits her shots to 125yds or less,it's whatever you are comfortable with that matters. Ron
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Default RE: TC Omega w/ NIKON BDC optic.

The one load that might help you out is the 200gr SW if your gun wont shoot that with 150 gr then its not going to be one of the few that have the right harmonics for any 150 gr loads. Lee
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Default RE: TC Omega w/ NIKON BDC optic.

If you are shooting the T/C Shockwaves and are having accuracy problems keep in mind that the 250 grain bullets come with two different types of sabot and that the sabot could be the problem. I was shooting my Encore and wasn't satisfied with the accuracy and was shooting the 250 grain bullet with the "yellow" sabot, then I tried the same load with the 250 grain bullet with the "black" sabot and I cut my 2 1/2 inch group down to 1 1/4 inch by changing only the sabot. Hope this helps...

PS: my load for my T/C Encore .50 cal is 3x50 Pyrodex pellets, 250 grain T/C Shockwave "black" sabot and my primer is the VariFlame system using Federal small rifle primes. I'm consistently shooting between 1 and 1 1/4 inch at 100 yards. This load also took my cow elk at 52 yards and I recovered the bullet on the off side shoulder.

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Default RE: TC Omega w/ NIKON BDC optic.

What is the difference between the Shockwave 250 grain sabots with the black jacket versus the yellow jacket?
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