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Wet Weather Tips

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Default Wet Weather Tips

Saturday is opening day and they are callin for raink. I need some advice on how to keep from having a misfire. I've heard you are suppose to put electrical tape on the end of the barrel. Any one got any other tips?
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Default RE: Wet Weather Tips

When hunting in wet conditions (I mean really raining) I use a Ground Blind,or Pop Up Blind. This will keep you and your gun dry,and ready for action. When setting up the blind, place it back in the brush at the edge of a field,so it will "blend in". I also like to have an opening in the back(clear brush) so if a deer comes up from behind I can shoot back into the woods as well. Hunting in the rain,and being wet and miserable,takes almost all the fun out of hunting. My friends and I have used the blinds to eliminate this problem. Last season all it would do "WAS" rain,and hard. By using the blinds we went every day,and mostly had the hunting area to ourselves. We also killed 4 deer in two days,and it was raining hard both days. Hope this helps. Ron
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Default RE: Wet Weather Tips

Preserving the rifle and preserving the integrety of the load walk hand in hand, IMHO.

Mebbe my best insurance is the GI issue ripstop hooded poncho that keeps me and my stuff not wet.

Beyond that........

I use paste wax on wood and metal to preserve the rifle.

Flip up caps for the preservation of my sight picture.

3M electric tape on the muzzle, teflon breech grease on the plug,and a double coat of red, pink, blue, purpleor whatever-color-I-can-swipe-from-the-ol'-lady nail polish covering the seal of my #11 caps. I use colored nail polish on purpose and never clear.....

Also, never had a misfire, or a water logged rifleusing that regimen.........
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Default RE: Wet Weather Tips

Most inline rifles are pretty weather resistant. Even the simple #11 percussion cap is very weather resistant. The new inline rifles are at the top of the wet weather ability to take moisture. The traditional rifles need a little more attention, but with the right things, will shed water as well as the best of them.

If your hunting with an inline the easy way is go to Wal Mart or any pharmacy and get some finger cots. These latex finger guards for cuts will slip over the end of the muzzle and basically seal it. There is no moisture that can get past them. Plus they do not have to be removed when you shoot. It will blow right through them. Their draw back.. get the extra large model, especially if you have a front sight on the rifle. Also be sure to take them off at the end of the day and wipe that part of the barrel off with an oil patch. The rifle will rust under them if you leave them on.

The breech area of the inline is basically water resistant. Notice I did not say water proof. Knight with the red primer holder claims to be water proof. I do not like that add. There is always something that can effect them. Some just more so then others. Still, if it is an inline with a 209 primer set up, you should be pretty safe. Not that I recommend you place that under a steady drip of rain water or pack it in snow, but keep your hand over that area where the rifle closes up to shed any water and when sitting, a small piece of plastic tarp laid across that area will also help shed moisture. But you should be fine. Open breech model rifles like the Black Diamond have a breech cover that will help shed water. You can also cut a chunk of garden hose and lay that over the entire open breech. The hammer striker will still slide under that when you fire, and normally blow that hose off the rifle.

Traditional rifles can pose the bigger problems but again, not all that bad. The finger cot or even a plastic baggie with a rubber band, can be put over the muzzle. That end is sealed at this point. If you're having a percussion cap, some simple ways to water resistant the rifle.. some candle wax around the #11 cap along the bottom after it is on the nipple will help. Also run that candle in a line along the stock at an angle. The water then running off the stock will hit the wax line and follow that away from the lock area a little. Another trick is take the valve stem cover off the tire of your wife's car. Cock the hammer back and put the valve stem cover over that cap and lower the hammer back down on it. This also acts as a second safety of sorts for you. The valve stem cover can be flicked off when you're ready to fire, or run a small piece of fishing line through the cap and tie it to the trigger card. Then when you throw it off, the cap will not be lost.

Flintlocks need special attention on wet days. Change out the pan powder often. Get a Cow Knee and put that over the lock to help keep it dry. Or a large baggie. Or keep the lock part tucked under your jacket when your standing around. If you suspect the powder might be damp, change it. Wipe the pan out with alcohol, make sure it is dry, and re prime. Also after you have closed the frizzen, take a candle and carefully wax the edge of the frizzen with the candle. That will help seal it. Then the main thing is to keep the frizzen dry (with a frizzen cover or cow knee) and the flint dry and sharp. I hunted last year in the snow and when the time did come, the rifle fired perfect. I was very pleased that all my little things I did to help the lock worked..

I am sure there are other much better ideas, but this is how I do it.
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Default RE: Wet Weather Tips

ORIGINAL: IndyHunter83

Saturday is opening day and they are callin for raink. I need some advice on how to keep from having a misfire. I've heard you are suppose to put electrical tape on the end of the barrel. Any one got any other tips?
I use one of those unbrella's that screws into the tree and wraps around it. Got itseveral years ago. It is like this: mp;langId=-1&partNumber=64270&hvarTarget=search&c mCat=SearchResults

Get the biggest one you can get since that keeps the rain off your knees when your sitting.

I also hunt with waterproof bibs, that helps also.I put electrical tape over the bore and sit with the gun in my lap, if the wind is NOT blowing hard, you will keep very dry. Chap Gleason

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Default RE: Wet Weather Tips

Finger cots, balloons, plastic baggies, ect....all rip too easy, and always quite a while before it's noticed.

3M tape is rugged, sticks in wet and cold......and has zero effect on the shot. One piece stretched tightover the end and another encircling the end holding the first pc. on.

Inlines may well be at the top of weather resistant pile, but a drowned rifle is a drowned rifle no matter how you look at it.
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Default RE: Wet Weather Tips

I use a small balloon over the bore i also made a cover: one for my in line and one for my flintlock
My flinter I run a small bead of beeswax about 4' from the lock along the barrel and wood to stop any water to run down the barrel into the lock.
I have a thunder hawk that been in rain,sleet,snow and always fired no matter what only had one misfire when I switched one year to musket caps .I find the musket cap let moisture under the nipple a good number 11 caps sit so tight i need a edge of my knife to remove it at the end of a hunt.I would think it would make a better seal not letting moisture under the cap.
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Default RE: Wet Weather Tips

I have an Encore so rain is really no issue other than getting down the barrel. I put tape over it and have never had a problem.
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Default RE: Wet Weather Tips

I personally use the fingernail polish trick on my #11 caps on my C&B revolvers when I take them out into the back woods "instead of my 1911 that is" & keep the chamber fronts greased to keep em ready to fire no mater what the weather has to throw at me "well that I'm willing to go out into."

As far as the muzzle of my hunting rifle, my dad mentioned about those finger cots years ago for keeping the rain & what not out of the barrels of M16's I figure it'd be a good idea for a muzzle loader.
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