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 now I got them coming what should I get?? >

now I got them coming what should I get??

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now I got them coming what should I get??

Old 11-04-2005, 04:57 PM
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Default now I got them coming what should I get??

I got my stainless side kick coming with the 26" barrel now what do I need to get, I am picking up a scope next week, what do I need in terms of Accessories, what primers to use? powder etc?, and what loads should I start out with, I am gonna be setting up the two rifles I got, mine and my dads 26" sidekick wood version..any info would be great.. we are gonna be using our rifle in december where its well below freezing if that will help determine what loads and powders to use..
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Old 11-04-2005, 06:32 PM
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Default RE: now I got them coming what should I get??

Black powder rifle supplies that you might find handy to get started. Understand that if you buy one thing off the list, for instance Triple Se7en FFg loose powder, then there would be no need for the other powders. I just wanted to show you want was out there.


Triple Se7en
Black Mag3
American Pioneer Powder
- loose or pellet[/ul]


See through powder measure
Cleaning jag
Bore guide (not essential)
Cleaning mop
Patch worm
Bore brush
Short starter
Range Ramrod to use for swabbing and cleaning
Loading jag for the projectile
Nipple pick
Breech plug removal tool – socket set with long extensions works also[/ul]


Isopropyl alcohol 91%
Car windshield washer fluid
Bore butter or lube for conical bullets
Gun Oil – Birchwood Casey Sheath, REM OIL, Breakfree CLP
Q-tip safety swabs
Cleaning Patches
Bore Solvents[/ul]

Birchwood Casey Bore Scrubber
Butch’s Bore Shine
M.A.P. – Murphy’s oil soap, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide[/ol]


Sabots for the caliber of rifle
Bullets to match sabots according to the diameter of the bullet
Roundball and patch
Breech plug grease – CVA Slick Breech Plug and Nipple Grease[/ul]

· Anti-seize grease
· Bore solvent
· Cleaning jag of the proper caliber
· Cleaning patches
· Non-petroleum based grease
· Old toothbrush
· Proper size screwdriver
· Range rod
· Small container (about the size of a vegetable can)
· Items marked * are optional or conditional
o * Flintlock flush tool
o * Flush tube
o * Fouling scraper
o * Proper size bore brush
o * Proper size nipple wrench
o * Sabot shooters solvent
o * Wedge removing too

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Old 11-04-2005, 06:38 PM
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Default RE: now I got them coming what should I get??

As for projectiles, I would get some 240 grain T/C Mag Express XTP's w/sabots & 250 grain T/C Shockwaves w/sabots. These two should shoot good out of your rifle. Also a box of Maxiball for each rifle would not hurt. Shoot the maxiball with 80 grains of powder. Shoot off the whole box. This will help break the barrel in for you. You will need bore butter if you buy the maxiball in bulk. If you buy them from Thompson Center they come pre lubed.

Be sure and swab between shots. Also start your sabots out at about 80 grains of loose powder and shoot a three shot group. If it is tight, kick the charge up to 90 grains and shoot another group. If that's still good, then try 100 grains. Somewhere in there you are going to get a real tight group. Stick with that.

I like the old Winchester Primers. I also like the new Remington Kleenbore Primers. I do not like what Winchester did by putting standard old shotgun primers in a fancy carton and selling them as "muzzleloader primers." They are not less powerful then any of the other ones. The Winchester I like are the W209.

I'm not sure how crud rings will be in your rifle. If you get triple Se7en powder keep an eye on that and be sure to use a witness mark until you are more comfortable with shooting the rifle..
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Old 11-04-2005, 07:10 PM
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Default RE: now I got them coming what should I get??

Great advice from Cayugad (as usual) . . . if you are in a time crunch to get the setup going for this hunting season - first break in the gun with a box of conicals. Don't bother swabbing the barrel between shots. Then try the 250 gr. T/C Shockwave with two fifty grain Pyrodex pellets. There is a high probability that this load will shoot well in your gun. And if it does, you really don't need to experiment much more for a general hunting load for distances out to about 175 yards. Later, you can really have some fun playing with all sorts of combinations.

You might go back through the archives of this site. There is a wealth of information about loading procedures, cleaning between shots, cleaning at the end of the day, etc. - that you will want to know before you fire your first shot. Good luck. Roskoe
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