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a new smokepole

Old 09-29-2005, 12:18 PM
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Default a new smokepole

I am wanting to start shooting black powder. I like the idea of having to get closer to the game that is being hunted. In a way earning the harvest. Up here(interior alaska) about the only game to hunt is Moose. Which leads me to my question.
Would a .50 caliber Thomson CenterOmega be enough of a rifle to pull down a bull moose?
I realize there are larger calibers out there. But I also travel to Ohio deer hunting and would like a caliber that would work well for both game animals. Does anyone out there have any sugjestions?
Thank you for your time and help.
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Default RE: a new smokepole

54cal TChawken flintlock!! lol......ok biased to flinters being we have a long late season flintlock only deer season....only muzzleloader ive ever shot was a flinter......and love it.......dont know much about anything else......and dont know if a 50cal will bring down a moose...i know they get BIG....but a big ole 50cal bullet with a stiff load of powder should do it.....someone else will know...good luck......i wish i could hunt moose!!! one day i will
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Default RE: a new smokepole

Yes the .50 caliber Thompson Center Omega is a fine choice. Loaded properly, it is more then able to take a bull moose or a whitetail deer. The nice things about Black Powder rifles are you can load them according to what you really want to hunt. That would be a fine choice.

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Default RE: a new smokepole

I agree with cayugad the 50 cal is a great choice. I have taken 1 bull moose with a 50 cal inline and it worked JFL. I also know of number of others who have taken moose also with 50 cal inlines. Like mentioned you can tailor your load for the hunt with a 50 cal very easily and the bullets they are producing makes this task even easier these days. Plus the popularity of the 50 cal means more choices and availability to the shooter.

As far as the Ml you choose, that is entirely upto you.TC or Knight are great choices. If you can use smokeless powder in a ML up in AK you may want to consider the Savage ML 10II as well. It is a fine shooting rig both with smokeless and subs...but the benefits of using IMR4759 or similar rifle powder can not be argued. I have a few hunting buds who have gone this route and will say I am impressed with the Savage. The latest was a couple of days ago, 2 shots at 25 to zero and then he banged out a 1" 3 shot group at 100...this after only 5 shots with his new ML.

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Default RE: a new smokepole

Considering the climate in Alaska, I would definitely get a stainless steel gun. Look at some of the more weatherproof designs - like the T/C Omega and the Knight Evolution. I would also tape my muzzle up tight when carrying in the field. For Moose, my first choice bullet would be the 300 grain Barnes Expander MZ. Some of the heavier lead conicals would probably work well too. Good luck with Bullwinkle. Roskoe
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Default RE: a new smokepole

An alternative to taping the muzzle is to run into Wal Mart and grab a pack of balloons. Stretch a balloon over the muzzle and you don't have the tape residue to deal with.
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Default RE: a new smokepole

i think you would have no problem at all with the Omega, i havent killed anything yet with mine, but im ready to!!
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Default RE: a new smokepole

Knight DISC with 3-50 grain pyrodex pellets and 400-450 grain bullet will more than ruin a moose's day. I know 100 grains will crumple deer at 100 yards, I can shoot mine accurately out to 200 yards at the range.
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