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pig exotic hunt

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Default pig exotic hunt

i was wondering if any of you have ever been to texas and went on some of these combo hunts,i have been kinda thinking about it say for this feb or march when there is not much going on and i thought maybe some of you guys do it and you could give me the low down on it,at least it would be something different in the trophy room.
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Default RE: pig exotic hunt

I live in Kerrville Texas, kind of the center of exotic hunting, and there are lots of pigs here too. It is a lot of fun and provides some tasty meat as well. Usually Taxadermists are the best people to call for recommendations as to who to use. I have a friend who borders the famous YO ranch that just stared last year outfitting. He is reasonably priced and will cater to kids too. I believe his website is My personal recommendation for exotics would be axis deer. They are the best eating of any game animal I have tasted. Just had some yesterday!
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Default RE: pig exotic hunt

Sounds kind of fun and a good time of the year also. About all there is to hunt that tiem of year is pigs and varmints in CA. Hey txhunter58, is your buddy's website down? Had trouble getting it to come up.

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Default RE: pig exotic hunt

I don't have any trouble getting the website to come up from that link. If you do, just do a search for Love ranch
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Default RE: pig exotic hunt

I just returned from my 2nd Texas Exotic/hog hunt Sept. 17th. I hunted 4 days on an archery only Ranch-I had a good hunt thou I didn't get what I was trying for. My 1st hunt was in Feb. @ Sweetwater Creek near Decater Texas. I took a Red Deer Bull & my son took a 6 point Sika. We didn't get a hog but managed to have 5 misses-we should have brought at least one home. This trip I wanted to try for a Larger Red Deer than the one i got in Feb. which I almost did-he just didn't stick around long enough for me to get the arrow off. I did take a hog on my 1st morning of hunting & after passing on several Large Fallow deer trying for the Red Deer I took an average Fallow Buck 1 hour b/4 dark on my last day of hunting.
We like the Exotic/hog hunting as it extends our bow season hunting biggame & gives us a chance to hunt something we don't get a chance to in the midwest. This ranch is excellent in every way & NO TROPHY fees-4 days $600 plus $35 non-res. tag allows you 2 hogs & 1 hard Horn animal. They have Fallow Deer, Corsican Rams, Aoudad Sheep, Red Deer, Black Buck, Sika Deer and if you want Whitetail during the season they have lots of those too-I filmed 4 shooter bucks with 3 Being P&Y that I could have had shots at each under 20 yards.
I am returning in Dec. to film my son & 3 other Bowhunters. It is just a great place & I will be Bowhunting again next year for that BIG Red Deer. Good luck in your hunting this year-I just got my deer stand up today-opener is 1 Oct..

always thankful
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