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good .270 elk bullet?

Old 02-05-2002, 06:41 PM
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Default good .270 elk bullet?

Ive been trying to decide on a good elk bullet to use on shots up to 250 yards with my .270. Ive used the a-frames with good results but they are a little too pricey. Im thinking of going with a 150 grain partition. Anyone have any suggestions on a better bullet/weight combo for elk at that range?
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Default RE: good .270 elk bullet?

I've seen really good results with the 150 Gr barnes-X. I don't think they'll save you any money however. If you are going to convert to the barnes make sure your Barrel is perfectly clean before you start shooting them, when I say clean I mean of copper fouling. The Barnes are sensitive to copper from other brands of bullets.
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Default RE: good .270 elk bullet?

In the couple of elk I have poked .270 holes in, Nosler Partition 150's have worked well. I used that bullet with the FederalPremuim stuff and liked it.
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Default RE: good .270 elk bullet?

I used 105 noslers in my 270 to take down a big 7x8 bull two years ago, it did the job good.
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Default RE: good .270 elk bullet?

Before I upgraded to a larger caliber rifle, I shot 8 elk with the .270. I used 150 grain nosler partitions on 7 of them, recovered every bullet and did not shoot over 250 yrds, and then I shot one using 140 grain fail safe on a cow at about 60 yrds. and this is the only bullet that I did not recover as it went though ribs and far shoulder to exit.As far as price, these aren't cheap either, but don't crimp too much on ammo., as many would say that the .270 is a bit on the lite side for elk, but use a quality load topped with quality bullet, and it will work fine out to 250 yrds.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: good .270 elk bullet?

This is not the time to be countin' pennies!!!! I'm not sayin' you have to spent a fortune on ammo,but when you consider the cost of the rest of your equipment,food,lodging,fuel,lisences,etc...I think you'll agree that whether you pay $20 or $30 a box should not be the deciding factor.Find a quality bullet(every manufacturer makes at least one),but most important is one that shoots accurately,and don't look back.

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Default RE: good .270 elk bullet?

Thanks for all the advice. Sounds like the partition in 150 grain is a very capable elk bullet. Ive shot one elk with a partition but it was a calf not much bigger then some of the mullies out here. The thing dropped in its tracks but I wasnt sure if the bullet would hold up as well vs a big bull. Hopefully I will get to find out come October. Paying $25 for a box of partitions will sure beat $45 for a box of a-frames. The extra $20 I save will go into my .338 fund.
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Default RE: good .270 elk bullet?

140 grains of Trophy Bonded Bear Claw at 3100 fps muzzle sounds like good elk medicine
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