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How to get started moose hunting

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How to get started moose hunting

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Default How to get started moose hunting

Hi all,

I have done a lot of research on hunting moose in Alaska. I was in Alaska last year during Moose season and saw a few hunters while we were visiting some of the local lakes. I work for the airline industry so it's easy for me to hop on a plane and get to Alaska. I have a few questions on getting started. I am not planning to initially do a fly-in hunt or guided hunt. Just wanting to get my feet wet.

1. Should I scout places in the Kenai Peninsula where I can draw a tag? I met a hunter at Lake Eklunta which is bow only but I thought I could scout that area in the off-season.
2. After harvesting a moose, the next thing is to get the moose out of the woods. Should I just plan on packing the moose out? Should I look to pay someone to help me get the moose out?
3. Should I just stick to one place like Lake Eklunta and keep scouting and wait to be drawn?
4. Any other suggestions?

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Old 06-06-2020, 01:09 PM
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This is a ageing a bit with no responses....here is my opinion.
I have been lucky enough to go on two guided moose hunts in Newfoundland, previously a lifetime whitetail hunter in NY.
Moose hunting is a whole new game, you do not mention any previous hunting experience. Dealing with a moose once it is down is a lot of hard work, and you owe it to the animal not to waste any.
I would strongly recommend finding an outfitter who can help /guide you for your first hunt. Learn where to go, what you are looking for, get hands on field dressing /processing it and packing it out. Despite being in good physical shape and essentially knowing how to do the job, no way would I have wanted to tackle...then or now, the process on my own.
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Old 06-07-2020, 09:22 AM
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I agree that this needs to be bumped up so you can hopefully get more feedback. What kind of hunting experience do you have and are you planning on doing this hunt solo or going with a buddy or 2?

I haven't hunted in Alaska yet but hope to do so someday. As I understand it, you don't need a guide to hunt moose in Alaska. A couple buddies and I have talked about doing one of those hunts where they fly you upriver with rafts and you float down the river on a DIY hunt. It's a bit of work but supposed to be a fun hunt.
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Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
I haven't hunted in Alaska yet but hope to do so someday. As I understand it, you don't need a guide to hunt moose in Alaska. A couple buddies and I have talked about doing one of those hunts where they fly you upriver with rafts and you float down the river on a DIY hunt. It's a bit of work but supposed to be a fun hunt.
My late father did this once. He didn't get a moose but he did get a good caribou. They saw a moose but never put the stalk together on it. However my uncle and a friend of his did the same float the next year and they got a moose and a black bear. The issue with doing moose on your own is few people are used to handling a carcass that big. My uncle had been involved in a lot of elk hunting so that helped them but a bull moose is twice the size of a bull elk. They got it done but it was a lot of work. People used to simply skidding deer out of the woods could very well bite off more than they can chew on moose or even a big elk. Meat care is something that must be taken into consideration. Just something for the OP to think about. He doesn't say what their skill level and experience level is. Once the moose hits the ground that isn't the time to find out you can't take care of the meat.
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As an add-on to Flag's post, be very careful about properly handling the meat. A number of years ago Alaska had a major problem with DYI moose hunts due to violations of wanton waste laws (taking out only prime cuts of meat, taking only antlers, leaving behind large quantities of meat to waste, etc).

As a result they have cracked down big time on enforcement and fines.They now often do periodic spot checks via helicopter. So if you go this route, make sure understand their wanton waste laws in detail and comply fully. If you don't the fines are very steep!

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Wanton waste laws in AK are very strict. Brush up on all of the laws to be sure you are in compliance.

i have packed out 14 elk and would not want to do it alone. I canít imagine doing it a moose solo. Make some friends and have some fun. When someone gets an animal down, itís a team activity.
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well I have done moose hunts in AK
I have done so with friends that are residents there, as well as I am also friends with some guides that guide there for mosse and other big game animals (they DON"T live in AK< but guide there4+ months out of the yr)

things to consider IMO
as stated, knowing the laws inside and out on what, where and how you can do things!
next is, knwoing what gear you will need to have, as just flying up, witha rifle and basic clothing for a hunt, leaves a LOT left out
are you planning to camp out in a drop camp
, do you plan to hunt from your vehicle each day?
truck, or like??
doing a float trip can be fun, and very dangerous , if doing alone, if planning this, I would be doinga LOT of homewrk on rivers considered, averge water depth and speed
gear needed
many outfitters will RENT things out, saving you from having to bring all you need, but this also required planning and investigating, making sure gear is quality and in GOOD condition
I would honestly NOT wish to tackle a moose hunt ALONE in AK, its a BIG animal, and a BIG place to be out all alone in

I have done several drop hunts there, from with 2 people(me being 1)
to with groups of up to about a dozen guys looking for meat,
so when considering a hunt in AK< I think you have to ask yourself a LOT of serious questions, and be honest about there answers
what physical condition are you in, what are your skill sets, in hunting, camping, navigation on the ground, what can you do, or NOT! and KNOW your limits

then comes Judging moose, can you really tell the difference between a 50 inch on and a 45 inch moose?
this is very important, and can mean the difference in a legal kill and a fine or worse!

then comes gear, do you have all the gear needed, do you know how to use it all!
can you get all gear you need THERE and back, if NOT renting!

to be honest, if your new to hunting AK< and MOOSE, I'd be spending some time trying to find someone that has experience in BOTH, that would allow you to ta along, or team up with you!
a LOT of the smaller air charter places might be a good place to look for a hunting buddy there, looking to split costs on air fare from town to the bush(if doing a drop camp)

your first time out will be a learning experience, and look at this way, and not just on trying to get a kill
being safe and learning things, will come down the road, , hunting is that, HUNTING< and it takes time to learn to be good at it, money cannot BUY experience in things!, only doing it and as time passes, you get experience!
hunting alone in AK< s never a good idea IMO< for NON residents of AK,
just too many things that are different and can get you in-trouble!
better t be safe than sorry!

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