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12 Gauge Slug on Elk?

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Default RE: 12 Gauge Slug on Elk?

tbrunson-- I was at the top of parleys skirting the private property. I used to live in Jeremy Ranch and know the area quite well. I have had good luck with the land owners for hiking and such but they dont even want me to look at it during the hunt. I seen a couple of nice bulls two weeks ago. I heard (but not confirmed) that on Saturday three bulls were shot on private property and that the sheriff was investigating. I have always seen elk above Kamas during the deer hunt, but never hunted elk there. My deer hunt is in Idaho, if you have any suggestions let me know.
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Default RE: 12 Gauge Slug on Elk?

I really don't have an opinion on this subject. But My name was on the first 6 topics and I figured this would make 7.[8D]
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Default RE: 12 Gauge Slug on Elk?

Wasn't paying enough attention to realize that you were hunting Idaho, was thinking EC up parley's. My apologies.

Everyone's imput has led me to think about another opinion based question. Is it worth it to buy the rifled barrel and sabot slugs? Or do standard slugs on a smooth barrel do the job well enough (drop within roughly 40-50 yards)?

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Default RE: 12 Gauge Slug on Elk?

I expect that a smooth bore with slugs are good to 40 yrds, but that is close to elk during the rifle hunt and you will definately extend your range with the rifled barrel.
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Default RE: 12 Gauge Slug on Elk?

Here in the east coast we knock deer down like it was our job with a 12! Slam them with a sabot slug and a rifled barrel you will do fine!
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Default RE: 12 Gauge Slug on Elk?

I did a bit of research an opt for the rifled barrel w/ a cantilever. I am not an expert, but I was told that the cantilever is a better mechanism for connecting a scope because the reciever takes the blunt of the recoil, behind where the scope is mounted. I have been told, but not proven yet that I should be able to hit a paper plate at 150 yds. with the rifled barrel. I was shooting 2 inch groups last time out at 75 yds. The gun is a blast to shoot, but at $3 a hole its a bit expensive. If you already own a 12 g. you may be able to just buy the barrel. One thing to note, the recoil is quite substantial. Not like a punch in the shoulder, but the whole gun wants to lift up. Last time out, I noticed the barrel coming back down and bouncing (very lightly) off of the bench. Its controlable, and very fun to shoot.
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Default RE: 12 Gauge Slug on Elk?

Very cool... congrats nice Cow
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Default RE: 12 Gauge Slug on Elk?

I have a benelli that I can buy the cantilevered rifle barrel for. Went above Kamas as mentioned several days ago. Still plently of deer, just no elk. They are smart, really smart.
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Default RE: 12 Gauge Slug on Elk?

I could shoot myself.

Right place, wrong time.
The any legal weapon, bull elk hunt is over (my permit). Hunting is a learning experience, but it's no consolation when you've already hiked x miles since the start of the hunt and no success. No less in terrain that can leave blisters on your feet and muscles aching for days. I had salivated for this hunt over the past 2 years, and fell short.
First weekend. Thought if we hung tight we'd get a few migrating up the canyon from all the pressure below (2.5 miles in and out). Saw track that had already come through. Thinking wow, this is starting early. Temp is 23F with wind chill. Wind is in our favor. Since some have already come through, let's break over the main ridge slowly down wind and track a bit then call. Found the second spot (additional 2 miles and now I am flirting with private property). Managed to call in a Bull Moose for hells sake but no elk!

Moose scared me to death, thought I had a big black bear over the lull, given the size of the track 20 yards back.
Yes, I called in a bull moose with an elk cow call.
Okay, let's circle around, got to catch something. Nope. Wind still in my favor except for the occasional shift. Knowing my luck I was 100 yards out in heavy timber and a bull smelled us when the wind shifted. Additional 2 miles.

Lunch time: start the vehicle and warm up for a bit, take a short drive to check for track across a road 3 miles away. Nothing there. Must have missed something. They zigged when I thought zag.

Back out: Now I am going deep. Drag my hunting partner 3.5 miles in with snow, wind, wet. Luckily this is semi-flat terrain. Partner asks me, "I'm curious to know what your limits are." I think about it, and realize that I have none (dumb?). Willing to sacrifice myself for the sake of getting one. I reply, "me too."

It's now 5:30PM and I am starting to think about setting up a makeshift camp but I can see that I have worn my buddy out, he's cold and tired.

Let's call it a day.
Next day I am flying solo. Couldn't say how far I trekked, but now I am sore and tired. Whatever it takes. Nothing again, but the park ranger said that if I go to a particular spot tomorrow morning, I could be in good shape.

Next day, still solo: Almost vertical climbing, lot of miles for one day. Another hunter sees me and we circle the timber 600 yards apart to see what we can flush. Nothing.

Next weekend, campout above Kamas, partner back. This is the real agony for me. Sign everywhere no more than 24 hours old. Waited, waited, waited....... They have to come back at some point, they bed and feed here. Nothing, now it's dark and can't come back out. What I realized is that there was convergence on the water source and remembered that elk might not come back for a few days, especially if they're being pressured.


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Default RE: 12 Gauge Slug on Elk?


12 gauge slug will take anything that walks this earth
I couldn't have said it better myself!
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