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hunting business for sale

Old 04-11-2007, 11:00 AM
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Default RE: hunting business for sale

here he is

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Default RE: hunting business for sale

that is one very expensive looking goat huntnmuleys! if i was a guide i would have to charge $4500.00 for that one! hahaha

shato, when was 600.00 the same as $3500.00? you know everyone put a price on what is important to them. i for one will not spend $3000.00 to hunt whitetail, elk, antelope. but i would for sheep, moose. i am saying in my opinion there is much better ways to spend your hard earned hunting dollars. i think you spent your's very well.
also it is the same as all of our personal things. huntmuleys would never spend 13000.00 on a camper as i did. but i would not trade that for the brown bear hunt he bought. so to each his own. what ever you want to do with you cash have fun! just not for me!
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Default RE: hunting business for sale


that goat is the reason I came home empty handed. I wanted one that size, and all I got was tag soup!


I got ya! But, what fun would it be if we didn't but heads a little bit. You must have chilled out some, cuz I can remember getting into some really good arguments with you. Alas, I quess we all have matured![8D]
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Default RE: hunting business for sale

This outfit is obviously in British Columbia (southern BC) and of course you can't buy 600 square miles of Canada for half a million bucks. amazing just how many Texans buying hunting concesions in Canada actually believe they do in fact own the land.


ORIGINAL: manboy

like i said the bussiness yes, NOT THE LAND! 600 sq. miles???? do you know how many acres that is! at 640 acres per mile! there is no way the land is included!
shhhhhhhhhhhh your ignorance is showing through. [8D]

The land would be a territory that the outfitter has exclusive rights to guide non-residents on. They do not own it.
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