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300 Blackout

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Default 300 Blackout

I have a 300 Blackout made by Diamond Back. Wondering if anybody has experience with coyotes or if it not worth it due to price. Fun round tho.
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Shoot them with whatever you got, the game in that area will thank you !

Do that long enough YOU'LL have good table fare - for you to hunt !!!

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My 300 blackout experience was long before AAC ever took claim to it - I had two 300 Whisper's, and remain to be unimpressed by the Blackout version. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, but I think its recent popularity is based more on fashion trend than on actual performance. The sub-sonic stuff is woefully underpowered and has a very poor trajectory, but it's very quiet and hits hard enough to kill coyotes. The standard velocity stuff through a suppressor is a lot more functional, and still quiet enough to make for discreet night hunting. I'm sure that you're aware of the trajectory limitations, but one of my hunting buddies who has a 300blk mentioned once that the sub-sonic loads will completely miss a coyote if you incorrectly estimate the range between 200-250yrds even by 5-10yrds. Great anchor for 150yrds and less, but my buddy is an accomplished shooter and his comment is that it's not a 200+ calling rifle for him with subsonic loads. I ran super sonics in my Whispers, and had very similar results.

Other than sub-sonic super-heavyweight loads, I haven't seen the 300 Blk/whisper do anything that a 7.62x39mm or 6.8spc/6.5Grendel doesn't do.

My buddy has reverted to the hornady 110 V-max load through a can, and it's very well behaved - even though I get more out of a Mini-30 in x39 or a 6.8spc. It's a great anchor for coyotes, and like any of the larger calibers, it can get a bit messy if you hit anything hard.

The advantage to the lower velocity on the 300Whisper is really that you can drive a bit more penetration without as much potential for blowing nasty exit wounds. My buddy tends to get exit wounds most of the time, but they're relatively well behaved.

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.300 blackout is a good all-around round. one of the bonuses to the .300 blk is that if you have a suppressor, you can fire subsonic rounds, which makes your "sound footprint" a lot less, but the disadvantage is that you lose some of your distance. as long as your bringing them in within 125-150 yards, .300 blk is a good knock-down round.
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