7mm, 30 Cals and Other Big Stuff Includes centerfire factory and wildcat cartridges in .284, 30cal, and other larger calibers that put big holes in small game.


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Talking 7mm08

I have a deer camp in the UP of Michigan which has cedar swamp so thick you nearly have to crawl to get thru some areas. Best rifle I found to use in there was a Winchester model 94. short light quick handling in that tight stuff. Getting old my eyes changed to the point I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn inside with the door shut so I wanted to come up with some thing I could hang a small scope on. Walking thru a gun shop I came across a model 7 Remington in 243. A light came on in my head and I started doing some research of what calibers I could get in a model 7.

Talking on the phone with my hunting buddy my wife heard me say a rifle in 7mm08 so she went and bought me a nice Remington 700 mountain rifle had a Pentex 3x9 scope mounted on it for a Christmas present to me. I love that rifle and have shot a lot of bucks across cranberry swamps and on the beach with it.

Still the model 7 was stuck in my mind as a good thick cedar swamp rifle. Had a birthday coming up and asked Kare if I could buy my own present and got a yes answer. I got the Model 7 put a Pentex 2.5 x 7 light seeker scope on it. This rifle has exceeded my expiations, and I have collected many a antler with it.

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The 7mm/08 is a good cartiage have two a 700 mountain rifle and a model seven also. The model seven is a youth model with 18" barrel and a wood stock nephew killed is first deer with it this year. Before that we put a synthic full-length stock on it and my dad loved it. Nice and light and and came to the shoulder good. The mountain rifle had a synthic stock but I put a boyds laminated thumb hole stock on it. Both a good rifles to hike up the mountains of wv with.
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think it was around 1985, my dad brought a rem. 788 7mm/08, I had been reloading for a couple three years, I bought dies, bullets, and brass for it and loaded a few test loads for dad to try in his rifle, he liked the results. For the first time ever I wasn't banished to the outside building to load ammo, I was told to clamp the press on the kitchen table and load where is wasn't so cold, wasn't long before dad installed a steel table in my room where I could load ammo as he watched, dad passed away in 1988, his 7/08 was passed to my brother and I lost touch with this outstanding cartridge.
4 years later I was searching for a savage 99 in 284 win. never did find it, but I did find a 99 in 7/08 brought it home and tried every load combo I could think of, nothing would shoot into less than 3". finaly out of desperation I tried IMR 3031 and a 120 gr. hornady.....Bingo, would group just over an inch after I relieved the pressure point in the foreend. used that rifle for several seasons taking numerous deer, at least 1 bear, and a feral hog. the rifle wears a leupold 6x36 and will be in my possession as long as I walk this earth, yes it is that good!

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I shot a coyote with a 7mm-08 today. I had wondered if it was too much gun for a coyote. My worries were wasted it is a fine round for coyotes.
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I revisited my old 7x57mm Mauser lately, then reading this post today reminded me why I put it away in the safe in the first place - the. 7-08rem. Although my first 7-08 was a custom XP-100R, and that's about the most useful I have ever found it, it's one of my favorite cartridges. I consider the .243win and 7mm-08 Rem to be the two most efficient deer killing cartridges (at least for factory work).

I have always tended to use my deer loads for coyotes with larger cased cartridges like the 7-08, in this case, 42.0grn of Varget under a 140grn Accubond or NBT. I've never had a 7-08 which wouldn't shoot this combination very well, and have dropped lots of coyotes with it, especially out of the XP100. Like any large bore, hit something hard on the way through the tiny coyote, things will get messy, but if you want to reach out and anchor coyotes past 600yrds, the 7-08 is on the top of my list.

I've only ever done one prairie dog hunt with a 7mm-08 rifle, which was a long range blood bath. And of course, it burned a whole lot more powder than I could have gotten away with in a smaller case, but in west Nebraska winds, the extra weight was welcomed.
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About 2 years ago I decided I was going to lessen my gun inventory and took a couple over to my local gun shop to sell on consignment. One of them was a Browning Micro Hunter in 7-08. A couple days later I came to my senses and went over to the shop to get it back and fortunately it wasn't yet sold. It now is usually my go to rifle for deer. I'd use it for bear but I prefer my Marlin Guide Gun in 45-70 for that task.
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I had model 7 in 7mm 08 and loved it for the same reasons it was light quick and I used it often in the Georgia woods. Thinking about getting another one
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