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Filming Your Contest Hunts?!

Old 09-08-2007, 08:01 PM
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Default Filming Your Contest Hunts?!

I am sorry this is in here, but the video forum has not yielded many hits. I know alot of you guys film your hunts but like me never go in there at all. So if the mods can have some mercy on me and let this stay in here a little that would be great. Figured this would be a little better then the regular forum as far as getting axed goes! LOL!! I know some of you guys in here have to have some feedback for me, any advice would be great since I am totally in the dark on this!

With that said I have been wanting to get into filming my hunts for a while. Surprised at how hard it is to find people that know much about Camcorders. All the people that I know that have one cant give good feedback on what and why they bought it. SO this is what I am looking at right now. I am not looking for something top of the line, but want to be able to put Videos on the net and watch on TV that looks OK. Does anyone have any feed back on this camera? About the only consensus I can find is Sony has better low light then most. Any help on this is much appreciated. Thanks Guys!

Sony DVD108

Best Buy > Camcorders > DVD > Product Info




Our Price: $399.99


[/align]Free Shipping

This camcorder lets you preserve those precious moments directly to 3" dual-layer DVD discs. The touch-panel LCD features a thumbnail index, making it easy to sort through a lot of footage.

40x optical/2000x digital zoom
2.5" SwivelScreen color LCD monitor with touch panel rotates up to 270¬į for multiple viewing angles and better visibility in sunlight or bright light; color viewfinder
1/6" Advanced HAD CCD image sensor with 680K total pixels (340K effective pixels)
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Old 09-08-2007, 09:05 PM
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Default RE: Filming Your Contest Hunts?!

You might also try putting this in the White Knuckle Forum. Those guys have some experience with the subject. And they love giving out filming info.
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Old 09-08-2007, 09:15 PM
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Default RE: Filming Your Contest Hunts?!

The one you have there will be everything you need if your not looking to put into professional video.

I personally like Sonys myself. I'm on my second one prior to buying a professional grade mini DV video camera.

Without a doubt you want digital quality and that's what you have with tat one above. Other than digital, you'll want adequate zoom. Nothing is worse than not having a clear zoom for the shot.

Next is sound, if that little camera can take a extended mic, that'd be good but again, if your only filming for youself or some internet quality video, you'll be fine.

I was alone when I shot my buck last year but I did film Q2INWHITETAILS on his "contest" buck...great footage to, I wish I had means to upload and share. I'm looking at upgrading my home PC to video processing.
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Old 09-08-2007, 11:14 PM
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Default RE: Filming Your Contest Hunts?!

I'd like to try filming while I'm in the stand. But I would be alone so it would be difficult unless I could just focus the camera on a specific shooting lane and hope for the best.

Also, with regards to camcorders. I have been in the market for one not just for hunting but also for family use. I've read that the DVD recordables only take about 20-30 minutes of video and aren't the best under low-light conditions.
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Old 09-09-2007, 01:32 AM
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Default RE: Filming Your Contest Hunts?!

Thanks Rob for the reply and letting me have this in here. Glad to hear from someone that actually films likes this one, again I am totally in the dark on this. I at first was liking the MiniDV but when I went to best buy they talked me into this one. I have not bought it yet but that is the way they are leaning on me. The DVD like this one is actually a small 3" disc and they now have new 60 min disk which is what the sales person told me. The MiniDV is actually a little tape the size of a box of matches. They talked me out of it since they said in the end I will still be transferring to a disk so why use the tapes? Not sure if that is 100% but it is working on me as the salesman talks! LOL!! They said if I get the DVD I can put the disk directly in my computer or DVD player and be good to go. If I get the MiniDV I will have to use a usb cable or AV jacks for a TV to view. The only advantage the MiniDV has over the 3" DVD is the cameras are a tad smaller and lighter according to him.

Again, thanks for the advice on White Knuckle and a vote of confidence on the Sony. I knew in this forum all the big dogs play and I would get some hits! Thanks for helping out and when you normal people wake up in the morning, please give your input too! LOL!!
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Default RE: Filming Your Contest Hunts?!

A couple suggestions....

I would go with a mini DV format. You never know what you may get on video and the mini DV format is much easier to work with due to its clearer picture.

Also, a manual zoom is a must for videoing in the woods. The auto zoom will zoom in on anythng between you and your target.... Leaves tree branches etc etc... Makes for a huge diasppointment when viewing your footage.
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Old 09-14-2007, 06:36 PM
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Default RE: Filming Your Contest Hunts?!

I film as many hunts as I can by myself but dont try to film the shot because I mostly do spot and stalk. I use a elura 90 it works great and also does still shots. Its a mini dv with 18x optical zoom. There could very well be better ones on the market now but the most important thing to get is a high optical zoom dont worry about the digital zoom it gets to blurry. Another nice feture about the elura 90 is that you can take pictures off the videos that you tape just by playing the video and when you want just press a button and it take a picture of that part of your video and put it on the sd card. Another important thing is if all the buttons on the camcorder can be easliy used with one hand with gloves on. Low light filming would be third on the list. I hope this helped.
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