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Mineral Licks

Old 04-07-2005, 01:06 PM
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Default Mineral Licks

Was looking to put out two Licks this spring and would like to know what to put out for great results? That is For all the deer in the area. I have seen alot of premade mineral bags made up, and herd of some that people make up themselves. Can some of you tell me what what you have used that you like, and maybe what you used and didnt Like.
Would really like to here from all of you that have been using mineral licks for sometime.
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Default RE: Mineral Licks

We usually put out Di-Cal mixed 50/50 with loose trace mineral salt.
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Default RE: Mineral Licks

What are your intensions for this mineral lick? Are you just trying to attract more deer to hunt or are you looking for a product that will provide nutrition for the herd and help with the animals overall health? There are quite a few different products on the market and they are certainly not all created equal.

For instance if you are just trying to attract deer I would suggest a product like Deer cocaine. Deer will find it and seek it out although it benefits the deer very little. On the other hand a product such as Whitetail institute 30.06 mineral is designed to fit the gaps in a deer’s diet and to be beneficial for the deer. They also make a 30.06 w/ protien to help with antler development. It ultimately depends on what you want to accomplish as to what you should buy. If you're just looking to attract deer it may even be better to make a mineral site. it is cheaper and effective for attracting animals.

I'm attaching a link on minerals and how they benefit deer. I hope you enjoy.

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Default RE: Mineral Licks

I'm trying to remember what I use. I think it is 50lbs Di-Cal, 50 lbs dried molasses, and 5 lbs trace minerals. Very cheap to buy the materials at the local feed mill and mix it yourself.
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Default RE: Mineral Licks

This is a recurring topic on this forum. Much information can be gained faster by simply using the "search" feature next time.
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Default RE: Mineral Licks

I buy the big, trace mineral salt blocks for my cattle and the deer are always
licking them. Buy it at any feed store. Wal-Mart during deer season sell's
Deer DYN-O-MITE. Put in a tree stump and the stump will be gone the next
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Default RE: Mineral Licks

So many people associate a hole dug in the ground or a stump eaten as doing something that will help the deer. The stuff like Deer Dyn-o-Mite and Deer Cocaine are basically salt. Save yourself some bucks and go to the grocery store and by some salt in a 25lb bag. It's cheap and does basically the same thing for the deer, nothing.

I don't mean to say that salt is not used by deer but they can normally find it naturally and it's required in such small amounts why use it...............unless you have a stump you need removed.

Whitetail72, use one of the low salt mineral supplements that incorporates less than 50% salt and I personally think you will help the animals. I've seen a few products like the 30-06 supplement. I think they add about 30% salt but so many use 70% or more salt and you're not getting your money's worth with them.
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Default RE: Mineral Licks

In addition to the di-cal and cheap dirty rock salt, I add a 40lb bag of powdered limestone to the mix. Try and get powdered limestone with the highest mangesium carbonate content you can, the calcium carbonate content will always be higher. I found one brand of lime that was 20% calcium carbonate, and 10% magnesium carbonate .... it just depends on the source of the limestone.
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Default RE: Mineral Licks

Here is the mix I use:

100 lbs of trace mineral
50 lbs of Di-Cal
50 lbs of stock salt

200lbs on minerals runs about $23.00. I put out the the original licks for 6 months and replaced and now I only have to replace once a year. The deer are tearing it this time of year. the bucks are needing them for antler growth and the does are needing for youngins. we have been using this mix for about 4 years now and really starting to see a difference in the bucks that are taken.
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Default RE: Mineral Licks

as one of the posters stated, whats your intentions?
i was looking for a mineral lick to benefit the deer on my property.
more for nutritional value than for attractant value.
store clerk i was asking was pushing deer cocaine on me.
he didnt understand my intention and was set on deer cocaine.
deer cocaine is great as an attractant, i occasionally use it, but prefer mineral licks with nutritional value.
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Quick Reply: Mineral Licks

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