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Mineral Licks

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I'm new here and would like to put out some minerals to help with deer antler growth. Can someone explain where you get these minerals? di-cal? trace mineral? are these specifically for antler growth or just for general nutrition? etc. Also, how do you put it out? Do you dig it into the ground? put it in a trough or something? As much "how to" info as possible would really help me out.

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Hey bagem you can usually find all the ingredients at your local feed store or farm and home...They will know what your asking for Di-calcium phosphate, Trace mineral salt the loose unmedicated kind, and Stock Salt (ice cream salt)...Good Luck,
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Simply using trace mineral or white salt blocks (50lbs) will bring in deer and benefit them. Ive never had any luck with molasses.
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Default RE: Mineral Licks


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Default RE: Mineral Licks

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what would you recommend to do if the area you were hunting on had plenty of nutrition, such as farmland with plenty of corn, wheat, and soybeans? would you still do the helpful mixes or just the salt?
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Hunter06 - to anwswer your question YESSSSSSS. I hunt in some of the best farmland in the midwest and the deer are starved for these minerals. they are not found in the abundance in food sources like tey are in licks. To prove this point, let just say the deer on the farms I hunt have a choice of what they want to eat via crops, brouse, food plots, and feeders they still tear up the mineral licks. this time of year when the bucks are producing antlers and the does are getting ready to fawn they are starved for these minerals. After this part of the year gets over around August, September time frame they lay off of it until during and after the rut when the bucks live on this stuff.
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About 2 weeks ago I put down some of the home made recipes posted above - the deer are already hitting it hard. I put it in areas where there are scrapes every year and along well used trails.

It's obvious the deer really crave the salt. We have had very little rain for many weeks, I'm curious to see what happens to these spots when the salt mixes in with the soil.
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thanks robby... i think i'll definately make some mineral licks when i go up to ky over the summer. maybe it'll make those big ky racks even larger
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I doubt it will make them any larger. I used some Antler King products for over two years. What a waste of time and money. I saw no differences in the size of the deer, rack size, or fawn recruitment! Instead I started planting trees, and am going to plant some food plots. This will benefit them much more than pouring minerals on the ground. They only used it for 8 months of the year.
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Quick Reply: Mineral Licks

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