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Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

Old 05-31-2004, 09:50 PM
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Default Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

When I was growing up, I always thought it best to keep a low profile when visiting hunting camp - whether planting crops or taking a walk in late summer. The theory was that the deer population should be able to exist in a "human free" lifestyle as much as possible, thereby attracting more seclusive deer.

I've since changed my opinion on this topic.

Over the years I've been back and forth over this issue. We've "barred 4 wheelers" one year - then let them come and go the next. My latest stance - is to:

1. Stay out of the known bedding areas - ALWAYS - including in season.

2. Maintain an open, visible presence otherwise.

Lately - I really feel like it actually does good to visit as much as possible - rather than leave it "wild". My reasoning is that - when we do arrive to stay at camp, and hunt - the deer know we are there. And I'd rather they were used to people coming and going. In fact - I've gotten so that when-ever I go to the cabin -( usaully once every couple weeks at least) I start a fire.

I'm curious if others have an agenda????????
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Old 06-01-2004, 04:40 AM
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Default RE: Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

I'm with you on that. It's always good to show you're there so people see the place isn't unoccupied all the time too. When we go down, we park up at the cabin, but when we hunt, we try to park up in the top field so as not to make a lot of noise, especially morining hunts.
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Default RE: Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

I agree. You have to show some presence in your hunting area year 'round'. A sudden appearance of humans when hunting season starts will cause deer to become quite wary. I've had deer almost walk up on me when I was clearing lanes, cutting wood, etc. during the summer months. I had one fawn come within 4 feet of me as I took a break sitting on my ATV, I taslked real quietly to it, and it just stood, trying to figure out what I was. quite an experience. It's a standing joke around here that the game commission sends them a copy of the open season days.

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Old 06-01-2004, 04:05 PM
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Default RE: Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

I agrre farm hunter. I would add that the worst thing you could do in the off season is stalk deer that you see. It's best to acclimatize the deer that you are a normal part of the scenery.

Dan O.
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Default RE: Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

Actually the best thing to do is spend as much time possible day and night close enough to the deer so that they know you are there, far enough away that you don't spook them. Just like any other animal, they will start to slowly accept your presence and you will no longer be a threat to them.

However, for this to work plan on spending at least 5 days a week for oh, 6 months or so. Unfortunately I've never had the time to do this.

I remember seeing footage of Marty Stouffer (like him or not) go from being hundreds of yards from a band of Big Horn sheep to sitting among them and actually feeding them by hand. It only took him 8 months to do this.
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Default RE: Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

i have a different problem with "human activity" on hunting grounds.... im not gonna call em wet backs, ill call em "strangers", but every now and then we have them come into our property and its pretty scarry, like when u see the foot prints and then u have to go to sleep that night, knowing that there are some creepy guys most likely with drugs and fully automatic weapons!!! thats y i sleep with a knife while im down there after i see the footprints...lol.... i know it probably wont help much but at least it makes me feel better...lol...
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Default RE: Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

When I am on my JD 1010 or ATV moving slow I seen numerous deer standing and bedded down watching me. I have often stopped and they did not move. As soon as I made a movement toward them they figured I must have seen them and they left quickly.
I feel how you approach the area and repeated visits in the same manner reduces the caution a deer will display. Whatever keep moving do not stop.
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Default RE: Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

I've known that for a long time. i have seen folks on here that just bash atv use . i use mine all the time. i am always going to my happy hunting ground on my atv.
I have one stand that is in the middle of a 40 acres field it is really my favorite penthouse. people think it's crazy to just drive my atv up to the and climb up. i have killed some of the finest bucks my area has to offer from this stand with my atv parked below. i have had deer come up and smell my atv ,look up in the stand at me within easy bow range if i was hunting with one. why because they see me all year long on it.
just last weekend i was checking the ponderosa and decided to shoot a little at the pond. 3 deer stood up in the field the closest was about 100 yards that had been laying in the grass. she stood there until i left. i guess she laid back down.

I have been on a tractor and just seen loads of deer. i used to joke that i was gonna ride the tractor with my rifle during deer season.
they do get used to your activitys and more important your smell. i think we all smell different and the deer begin to associate our smells with certain people.
my grandfather lived on the ponderosa after he retired. his stand had a wood stove heater in it and he used it. spit tobbacco and made all kinds of noise and always killed large bucks!
dang deer were used to him and didnt associate his sound and smell with danger.

anyway i am going to keep doing it the way i have cause it works for me!
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Default RE: Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

Farmhunter I find this to be true on my farm as well. I've been on the farm alot this sping completing several different projects. We just finished up a new elevated tower blind last week and we had several deer sightings throughout the week. Some of the deer were feeding in the plots only 75-100 yds. away while we talked, pounded nails and played a radio all day long. I'd definitely say they don't see us as much of a threat.
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Default RE: Human Activiity on Hunting Grounds.

Guys after reading this thread I'm not going to worry about the pumper checking wells as much anymore. Still the only problem I see is one of his wells is at the back of my clover plot and he has to drive right through the plot to shut the electric motor off/on. He can only come in the evenings and that's prime time for deer but he said he'd let me run that particular well if I wanted to during season. I was worried about the activity because it's a new plot but now I think it's a wash. Do any of you think it's really a benefit having him out there several nights a week at dusk? I'm talking about the risk of changing the behavior of the dominant bucks and I'm not talking about deer sightings in general. I'm still concerned the big guys will go nocturnal.
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