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What is round up ready corn??

Old 01-19-2004, 08:34 AM
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Default What is round up ready corn??

what is it i see people post about it quite a bit on the forum but i have never seen it i am assumeing it is a seed disgned for food plots if so what kind of work goes into planting it and maintaining it what were the results?
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Old 01-19-2004, 05:21 PM
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Default RE: What is round up ready corn??

Rauch; it is corn that has been genetically modified so you can spray it with Roundup without damage to the corn. That way you can kill most vegetation with the Roundup without hurting the corn.

Dan O.
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Old 01-19-2004, 11:38 PM
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Default RE: What is round up ready corn??

is there any rr corn that's a sweet corn? in other words, some corn that my girlfriend and i can plant on half an acre or so, and then eat it.

i had planned on spraying treflan this spring in a dove field that i plant with sunflowers. i get mostly pigweed that grows, and a few sunflowers. i read the label on the treflan, and it said not to plant sweet corn or edible corn in soil treated with treflan. i was going to let her buy a few pounds of corn seed, and then i'd plant it in part of the dove field.
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Default RE: What is round up ready corn??

No round up ready sweet corn - yet - at least not that I'm aware of - Lunchbucket - do you agree??

I think that even though its chemically safe - the manufactures are not 100% interested engineering a human food source for Glycophosphate immunity for fear of reprisal - I doubt its too far off though.
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Old 01-23-2004, 07:42 AM
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Default RE: What is round up ready corn??

I can't say that I've seen RR Sweet Corn, but then haven't looked, don't see it in the Monsanto catalog. We will be ordering from Monsanto shortly and will ask...
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Default RE: What is round up ready corn??

If you wind up harvesting the RR corn you may have trouble selling it. It is Oked for animal consumption but may not be sold for human consumption.
European markets and food-grade markets will not take it.

That may be the hangup with the RR sweet corn.

Good idea though!
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Default RE: What is round up ready corn??

we have never planted round up ready corn but we have planted round up ready canola......Now this genetically modified seed it great because you spray the crop with roundup and everything is dead in its traks except the canola. However this round up resistant stuff has a few disadvantages. Spraying a crop with roundup will always not kill every weed in the picture and then these weeds reproduce and form a new strain of roundup resistant weeds so its a good idea to vary your chemicals. I'm not up to date on the corn issues but i know if we plant round up ready canola we cannot use the grain off that crop for seed next year. The monsanto company holds the rights to the round up ready canola idea and allow no one to plant the canola without first buying the seed. This is really unfortunate because it is due to farmers money from chemicals, seed and fertilizer that monsanto was able to come up with this product. The farmers are responsible for paying to discover this product and monsanto repays the farmers by filing lawsuits against those who re use their own seed. In my opinon monsanto is not really intrested in helping farmers but rather leaching off them like a bad parasite for thier own benefit. Sorry needed to vent........
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Default RE: What is round up ready corn??

Well guys some of what you say is accurate, Monsanto spent the money to develope the RR seed and if you save your own seed then you must pay them a tech. fee fkor their developing, I know of some producers who have been assessed a tech fee just for doing this. Dekalb and Asgrow bothe Monsanto products are good field corn producers, no sweet corn has been developed that is RR. For a small plot I would just plant it and weed it by hand or cultivator. The friends I work for planted 2400 Acres of RR corn and close to 3000 Acres of RR soybeans, but we still have to cultivate our 1 Acre of sweet corn. There is a Glysophate (roundup) problem with Mares tail or horseweed, it will not kill it , it has developed an immunity. I sell Dekalb and Asgrow for these guys and must keep up with some of the details of the products we sell .
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Default RE: What is round up ready corn??

oooo thanks for the info
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