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Micro Kill Plot For Beginners

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Default Micro Kill Plot For Beginners

Hunting season here in West Virginia is winding down and I am thinking ahead to the near future. I want to get into the micro "kill plots" but I am uncertain on what to plant with minimal tools. No machinery can be taken into this parcel of land I have. I was wondering if anyone does the micro plots and what you plant. Would also like to know how close of a setup you have to the plot. Any advice on this would be great.

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I have a remote plot and everything I do was by hand.

get a soil test first
spread lime as soon as possible
roundup area throughout the spring and summer at least two or three times
around the end of August you could plant brassica, Winter rye, BFO with rain in the forecast
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I have done many, but its NOT easy and takes a LOT of hard work and sweat to do them right so they last

as you have to plan ahead, you need sites that will NOT get shaded once leaves grow
so picking a site is a BIG part of it

or you have to cut back tree's to allow for 4-6+ hours a day of good sunlight!

tools that come to mind will be chainsaw, rakes, shovels, ax(for roots) leave blower, sprayer, and a HD pack frame to haul things in
as odds are your site will need a LOT of lime to get PH level up to where it will support things, and sooner you get started the better
finding a spot NOW and dumping lime down, is a GREAT idea, will help get it leaching into soil, so come spring time you can add more and mix it in better!
some rental places rent SMALL tillers, and they can be great to use, but , if this is on state land where NO motorized things are allowed, might not be an option, nor will be cutting any tree's, and many don't legally allow you to plant anything on them period, so,, make sure you check your rules for where your planting or planning to plant!

your soil test will also tell you what the soil can support, to help pick a seed to plant!
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Well...If you can get a pickup truck to it, You can use a push mower and a tiller.
A mix of rye grass and bird seed will make a good inexpensive food plot.
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I make small plots, I usually clear with a weed whacker, rake and small chain saw. Pile up the burnable brush and light it, wood ash is good for raising PH- The green stuff goes into a pile for next year's compost. I usually plant something that grows tall enough to choke out the weeds, like Corn or Rape. If it is possible you can also use a weed burner, works really well for killing off the native weed seeds.
I've never used chemicals other than fertilizer, usually Blue Corn..

Some of my best plots are Corn, Deer browse it all year round. They browse it through all growth phases and the Ears left to dry on the stalk eventually fall to the ground and draw deer in winter. I usually plant near good cover, if Deer have a choice they often feed near the edge of good cover.

Side note a compost pile large enough to cook a little is a nice place to bury meat scraps, Chicken bones etc. I may be Deer hunting but taking a Fox pelt near the end of the Deer hunt is a nice plus. That warm compost pile will send up a scent cone in cold weather that seems to draw many scavengers and predators.
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