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Best food plot type for shady area

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Default Best food plot type for shady area

What's the best kind of food plot for a shady area that only gets filtered sun all day? I have heard oats or clover... is this true? Thanks!
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weeds LOL
they have some SO called modified seeds genetically made to work better in shade, and the price tag will show it.
realistically ALL things need a certain amount of light for them to grow, , get less than needed light and they will never grow as well as seeds that do
BUT at same time, seeds will also need the correct amount of nutrients to hit there peak, don't have correct optimal PH, fertilizer and water, and all the sun light in the world won't make things peak!
I have planted a LOT of different things over the past 30 yurs
I have YET to see anything grow as well as things that got more sunlight, when soils are the same

say I have a clover field and a tree here and then shade the field more, clover will always be shorter and or not as green or?? other wise different than what gets sunlight all day, or just more of it
the same can be said for ALL things I have planted,(corn, beans,alfalfa , brassicia's/Rape/turnip family , winter wheat, chicory, and more)
SO< IMO< there is NOTHING that really grows great in shady area's minus weeds !

NOT what you want to hear, but honest advice!
I would just plant what you want and HOPE for the best, trim back as many tree's as you can!
and make sure the soil is as good as it can be to help seeds grow in less than great sunlight
and Sunlight making things grow is called photosynthesis.!
Its the process of sunlight making something grow, when you limit sunlight, you alter the process needed for the plant to grow correctly!
Save your money for fertilizer and lime, and weed control!
and buy basic seeds, over so called SHAPE blends IMO too!
money will be better spent on this than higher end marketing special seeds!

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