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Quaker Boy Northern Forage?

Old 05-04-2008, 08:26 AM
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Default Quaker Boy Northern Forage?

Last night I was at Gander Mountain and I picked up 20 lbs of Quaker Boy Northern Forage to plant near my treestand. This is the first time ever planting a food plot but I do own a landscaping company so I kinda have an idea on how to make stuff grow, just naver had any experience with food plots.

First off, I am wondering if this seed is worth even putting down? It has a mixture of: 25% Kenland Red Clover
11% Dwaf Essex Rape
10% Vernal Alfalfa
8% Leo Birdsfoot Trefoil
7% Alsike Clover
7% Japanese Millet
5% Purple Top Turnip
5% Proso Millet
4% Linn Perennial Rye Grass
3% Californian Ladino Clover
3% Gulf Annual Rye Grass
2% Haifa White Clover
1% Siberian Kale
1% Puna Chicory
8% Inert Coating Material

So seeing that it is mixed with a bunch of difference stuff something is bound to grow it just may not be what I want.. I checked out my local seed store but he didnt have much interest in dealing with food plots...must be one of those animal activist people or something...

Also where I hunt there is no way to get any equipment besides a rake or a set of loppers, so im not really sure if just broadcasting the seed where I want it if it will grow or not? Or would I have to get it down to bare dirt then plant? If not I can keep searching for a different kind of seed and this stuff can go back to GM.
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Default RE: Quaker Boy Northern Forage?

Quaker boy seed is good stuff. The planting rate is 12lbs per acre so you have lots for just around stands. basically you want seed to soil contact so by raking an area clear of brush and leaves(you may need to spray with a herbicide if there is lots of vegitation), broadcast the seed and then pack it in, not too deep, atv driven over the area works well. You want atleast 4 hours of direct sunlight/day. Don't over seed the area as it will stress the plants and they will be small. This stuff works way better if planted in late summer versus a spring planting. Here are some pics of the same mixture from our place last year, sold under the Bishops name in Canada.

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Default RE: Quaker Boy Northern Forage?

Wow , looks pretty good ,
I may have to try some ..
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