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Tecomate or Biologic?

Old 02-26-2003, 09:13 PM
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Default RE: Tecomate or Biologic?

i have heard many people talk about biologic and they did not have any luck. like they said deer just walk right past it. If i was you i would just pant somthin like a patch of corn or a patch of soy beans. i live on a farm so i dont worry about that stuff. we plant corn and sunflowers along with barley. we always find them in the sunflowers. well hope this helps. o by the way soy beans are high in protein so they are a good thing for a deers diet
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Default RE: Tecomate or Biologic?

I planted Nossy Oak Biologic " Full Draw" two years in a row. Year ! i was not able to plant it until September 10th Michigan' s bow season opens October 1). I thought that I planted way too late. By October 1 the crop had just started to come up to about 1" . DEER WERE EVERYWHERE!! I thought that I had invented penecillin!

So thinking that " more is better" , I deliberately set out to plant the same product the following year, but earlier in the season this time. The logic here was; if it has a chance to grow longer, more growth, more deer. Duh! So I palnted August 1.

Well guess what?? There deer were back 2 weeks later just as before, dozens of them critters. And, just like before, the deer moved off the crop 3 weeks later, just as before, and before October 1.

My take..deer will eat just about anything as long as its new growth. You could plant plant a piano and deer will eat them once they come up! Pianos do get somewhat brittle and sour though after the first frost
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Default RE: Tecomate or Biologic?

BTp. Farm Hunter has good advise like always. The Biologic has a lot of brassica seed in it if I recall correctly and there is a lot of mix opinions about it here in central MO. Personally, I had not had much luck while planting brassica type seed. I am not sure about the Tecomate. Like Farm Hunter said, decide what type of food plot you want and go from there. If you want to hunt over it, decide when you are hunting and adjust the planting mix to be desirable during that time. You may want a different plant population and species if you are hunting in Oct. vs Dec.

Mrfishy34-- Tell me more about sunflowers. Are the deer bedding in them? Eating them? and what stages do they prefer if they are eating them? Will they eat the seeds are just the vegetative matter? I am thinking about planting some just for fun. If I do, it will be only about .5 acre or so and I am not sure this acreage is large enough.
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Default RE: Tecomate or Biologic?

I would be interested in the sunflower planting for about a half acre as well. Let me know if you find out anything greg-dude.
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Default RE: Tecomate or Biologic?

Hey guys, I am new to the page but I know a good deal about tecomate. David Morris, the co-founder of the company is my next door neigbor both in Montana and in south Texas, along with being a close friend. We started last spring with the planting of Tecomates Nothern Monster Mix at my house in Northwestern Montana and it has attracted more and more deer every day. We have already seen the budding of the new plants as spring approaches and we already have deer working the plot. So in response to the gentleman who said he is unsure do to tecomate being formulated in south Texas, you are right, but David Morris has a product that works wonders in Montana, and would work great for you in Minnesota. For all of you in the warmer regions, I killed a deer on Davids Ranch in South Texas in January. We were on a plot of his lablab with intermixings of Maxattract, I have never seen more quality deer in my life. Tecomate will give you some quality bucks.

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Default RE: Tecomate or Biologic?

In spring 2002 I planted two acres of Biologic perennial. The first to come up was the brassica seed and then the clover was slower to start. By August the brassica started to turn purple. At this point the deer went through and took all the tops off the brassica. I guess when it turns purple it must be ripe. Anyway some of it was knee high and they never bothered it until August. I am not sure about the other Biologic brands but that is my experience with the perennial. This spring the clover looks to be doing well and we plan to overseed the plot with the biologic maximum to replenish the brassica.
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