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Sick new way to hunt Deer

Old 03-11-2005, 08:48 PM
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Default Sick new way to hunt Deer

OMG this is surely not going to be allowed, I hope!

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Old 03-11-2005, 09:36 PM
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Default RE: Sick new way to hunt Deer

I think Texas DNR is allready taking steps to make ilegal for this type of "hunting"
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Old 03-11-2005, 10:39 PM
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Default RE: Sick new way to hunt Deer

they have already put a temp stop on this website. that site was last updated NOVEMBER 18 2004.
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Old 03-12-2005, 12:28 AM
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Default RE: Sick new way to hunt Deer

I understand the dislike but the sad truth is I think the reason we hate it so much is because it hits some hunters a little to close to home.
For example, let say I login to the website, pay my money, and then sit down and watch the screen for two hours before i finally see a deer I want and then aim the gun/camera and shoot. Ah, success and someone gut,cleans, and butchers the animal in front of the camera then they ship me the head and meat.
Now compare to some other "ranch" operation. You check in they drive you out to a heated, elevated stand, you got food and drink and your within 50 yds of a timed feeder.
You wait two hours in comfort, dozing off for 15minutes at a time, wake up, see the deer you want, aim your gun at a deer 50 yds away and shoot. the guide comes back with an atv and hauls your catch, guts and cleans your deer then butchers it , while you sit idly by talking about the "HUNT" and they pack the head and meat and load it into your car.

What is exactly the real big difference between the two that one should be condemned and the other exalted. As far as the difficulty of the shooting, probably harder to hit the deer with the camera due to time lag then a deer at 50 yds with a scoped rifle from a stationary rest. I know the beauty of being outdoors etc but in reality there ain't much difference. I bet the guys who complain the most about this stuff are the ones who are doing the exact type of shooting I just described.

Me personally?, don't really care as long
as noone is getting hurt and the animal is getting a quick kill. i'd bet the guy going camera web hunting is probably paying more attention to the screen and looking for an animal then some of the guys I've seen rifle hunting in those elevated stands on TV that have herds of deer prancing by within bow hunting range.

The guys doing the creature comfort hunting should be happy that they allow it. It raises them a notch and they are now considered a genuine hunter, the new kid on the block will now take their place at the lowest rung of the hunting totem pole, where they will now be subject to ridicule from "real hunters" such as the creature comfort guys and they will now have to take the heat and constant threats of being banned and the constant harrassment that they aren't really "hunting", the same stuff the other canned hunt guys used to have to deal with.

As I said, i don't really care cuz logically it ain't so different from what some of the other guys are doing, and hell it makes me and my hunting seem like some hard core wilderness hunt(its not). But for those who hunt as I described, sometimes behind a high fence at that, you may feel a bit more hostility towards this stuff than me because it raises a lot of ethical questions about your own chosen method of hunting. If it was up to me I would ban all of that stuff but I am not going to impose my views on everyone else as hunting is a very personal act where you set your own ethical standards. Its only that personal line in the sand we all draw that separates hunting from plain old killing. Its such afine line that I ain't going to complain about it. IMHO. take care all.
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Default RE: Sick new way to hunt Deer

I can just see the excuses now. I missed the deer because my mouse went suddenly dead. Doh!
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Default RE: Sick new way to hunt Deer

this is old news. it would be nice if people would realize that this topic has been posted about 50 million times on here.

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Default RE: Sick new way to hunt Deer

I wouldn't call it hunting. Its more like going to an outdoor butcher shop and picking out which animal you want for your steaks.

So what if its been "posted about 50 million times". Since others are still replying it looks like its still a topic of interest. If your getting tired of it don't respond and besides, I don't think there is to many topics on deerhunting thats not been discussed.
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Default RE: Sick new way to hunt Deer

ORIGINAL: Deerslayer_37

this is old news. it would be nice if people would realize that this topic has been posted about 50 million times on here.

Well im sorry I never knew about it until a couple days ago so, and I wasnt sure if others knew about it anyways
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Default RE: Sick new way to hunt Deer

The state cant do much when it comes to wild hogs and exotic animals, but they can and more then likely will put a stop to this form of "video game".
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Default RE: Sick new way to hunt Deer

That is not considered hunting. your not out there in the elements waiting on your prey, what's the challenge and fun of hunting if your not outside enjoying the wilderness, the animals, the weather (on somedays). There's no adrenaline rush when that big buck walks 20 yrds from your stand and your not in it. Your not going to get any exitement out of that!!! If you have to hunt from a computer, you might as well sell your guns and tear up your lisence.
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Quick Reply: Sick new way to hunt Deer

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