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It's time we all join PETA

Old 03-09-2005, 09:08 PM
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Default RE: It's time we all join PETA

I hate PETA and HSUS as much as the next guy but if we could get a few hunters in high position of one of the organization making decisions we would be better off. Either that or we could all join at once and send floods of member votes to stop the beating of live dogs not the baiting of bear. Its just my 2cents but we need to do something about these fools.

Whare do I sign up for HETA and how much for a life membership?
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Default RE: It's time we all join PETA

If you want to start a new organization for animal rights then go for it, but as far as me having anything to do with peta and those other tree huggers, thats not going to happen, maybe they want me to put rubber broadheads on my arrows come bowseason. They damage my future as being a hunter and a threat to my sport by posting articles by slob hunters and making the public think that this is the norm. Hell, might as well just sign up for the communist party. [:@] Bobby
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Default RE: It's time we all join PETA

ORIGINAL: 121553

Hell, might as well just sign up for the communist party. [:@] Bobby
I am not trying to start an argument because I am with you. But think of this . . How do you think communism broke down? From the inside!
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Default RE: It's time we all join PETA

Those people have been the largest obstacle in every legislation I have seen concerning hunting in every state I have ever hunted and you believe that most members are like us? I myself was confronted at work by a PETA member saying how me cutting up my deer bolona was really offending her. They are a hardcore radical terrorist group. You got to be kidding.
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Default RE: It's time we all join PETA

Lets go ahead a start an anti- anti hunting group. One that focuses its time on stoping things like PETA and HSUS. Personally being from maine and enjoying hunting bear over bait the referenderm really bothered me. It wasnt even started by mainers.

All and all we need to shut them down.
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Default RE: It's time we all join PETA

I happen to work with a girl who is a mamber of peta. She is the most closed minded narrow sighted person I have ever met. At work there are alot of us who enjoy hunting and fishing well one day the general manager came by and was talking to me about my most recent trip the usual you know how did you do and any pictures. She then went to her manager and complained that we were talking about abusing animals not knowing he is also an avid hunter. So in short I got called on the carpet and told I needed to be more P.C. What a crock of bull just because I did not share her beliefs I got in trouble what about our rights as hunters to enjoy nature and the outdoors as we see fit. I mean I have never taken a shot if I knew it would not be a clean kill. I guess my biggest gripe is why do we have to always be the ones defending ourselves when 99% of us are more consevation minded than your average citizen
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Default RE: It's time we all join PETA

I just went to the peta website and watched a couple of videos. I dont know or even want to know whare they get this stuff.

The slaughter house one wasnt too bad but i have done some slaughering before and we always put a bullet in the animails head before we stick it. The bigger companys usually use retractible rods. The flopping bruses the meat.

The skinning the animals alive was aweful. That is what they should go aginst not hunting. If any one else wacthed that video who has skinned out an animal knows thats not the kinda fur that a red carpet clebearty would wear. It was mangled pretty bad before they even started to skin the animal.
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Default RE: It's time we all join PETA

good intentions but i don't think that the results would be want we all want.
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Default RE: It's time we all join PETA

Moose...dude come on now...join PETA for a greater cause? You suspect most of them are like us? That's the biggest BS I've ever heard!! They are complete idiots and don't have the first clue about what actually happens in the real world. They are all a bunch of hypocrits. Don't any of them wear shoes, leather belts, leather purses, own handbags, drive cars, live in houses????? What do they think it's all made of? Vegetables?

I gaurantee none of them ever grew up on a farm, worked a hard day in their whole life, worked with their hands, landscaped or anything a good hard working American does. They should be slapped upside the head and so should their parents for not teaching them better. What a closed minded life they lead.
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Default RE: It's time we all join PETA


Hunters support PETA? How much weed have you been smokin with Willie? Those people are FIDIOTS and would just as soon we die of starvation than kill and eat ANYKIND of animal.

The same goes for the Humane Society. I simply refuse to support even my local dog pound because they are inter-twined with and recieve alot of their funding from the Humane Society. At the national level the Humane Society is more threatening too us hunters than PETA ever dared dream about. Most politicians realize how outlandish and rediculous PETAheads are and they likewise dismiss most of those tofu eating, eco-hippies. BUT they listen too the Humane Society because they think the organization is all about spaying and nuetering and taking in stray pets. They hide behind lovable, cute Garfields and Rovers. Yet don't be fooled, they hate us as much as ANY Starbucks guzzling Petahead you can think of! [:@]

If the final destination for an animal is my toiletbowl then what of its "journey there" really matters in the end?
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Quick Reply: It's time we all join PETA

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