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Default TV KILLS

I was just seting here watching tv. The show I was watching is BIG HORN OUTDOORS the was an 8 year old boy that had killed 13 deer that is not right. He has not learned how to hunt at all but to just walk to a blind and shoot one over corn.As I watched they mad the kid pass on 2 big deer 150 cb or so and shoot a spike. Just makes me sick on on how hard of a hunt they are traching boys.

Here is where you teach them what a hunt is about not horns and money.

I take my boy hunting all the time he walks a very long ways.Last bull was killed about 3 miles away from the road he walked about 1/2 I packed him the reast.He learns how to stock and when. When to just lay down and let them walk by when there is no shot.My boy is 4 years old now he has been on 3 elk kills [I normaly call and let friends shot].He has allso spent many many days with out seeing any game so when he dose it is a big deal NOT just 1 more deer or elk.
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Default RE: TV KILLS

That's pretty sad though. I don't watch hunting shows too much anymore because of some of the pratice isn't suitable at times. I mean as in some of the safetly they lack on and so on so forth.
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Default RE: TV KILLS

In most aspects I do agree with you I do not agree with exploiting children on huntson television.
But the boy is 8yrs old and there is no possible way a child that old and of that size will be physically fit enough or have the mentality capable of treching 3 miles into the bush and dragging out a game animal.Even if he was with a legal guardian,it would be too much of an effort especially on the adult who would probably be making two trips one for the boy and one for the animal.
For the time being I believe he is where he belongs.Either in a vehicle hunting from the road or in a safe stand where he has a very steady rest
and won"t get tired.
When Kids are tired they get fussy and accidents are bound to happen.
Keep it simple the kids have fun and the will want to try something a little more challenging later on in their teenage life.
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Default RE: TV KILLS

I see them all the time on them shows.some even need help to hold up the gun to shoot
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Default RE: TV KILLS

what is to young????? in Fla. you have to have a hunter safty course to be able to carry a gun to the field. I don't think an 8yr. old could pass the test.
If they can pass the test I guess they could hunt.the test is not all that hard, but an 8yr. old can't even read the test much less pass.[]
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Default RE: TV KILLS

I decided to take the hunters certification course (since regardless of age, you need one on a military post to hunt) this past year. They had 8-9 year olds in there. Shocking. Was even more shocking when they had a seperate section during testing for those that needed it to be read to them.
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Default RE: TV KILLS

My kids now both hunt. NH has a youth deer weekend that they make full use of

However, they also had seen lots of hunting shows and videos and seen the deer I take home, which look NOTHING like the ones on TV and not nearly as often.

My oldest on his first youth hunt said he wanted to hold out for a big buck. I told him that it's his decision since he is the one pulling the trigger, but my advice was to not do that, it just doesn't work like it does on TV. After the first day he changed his tune and was willing to shoot a doe or smaller buck. Took him 3 youth weekends and he took a button buck this year!

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Default RE: TV KILLS

Sorry for the length of this post, but this is an important topic, introducing youth to gun and hunting sports is essential to our future.

First off, you have to realize that what you watch on TV is entertainment. Would you watch if it was like "real" hunting? Sitting in a stand for 4 hours and seeing nothing but a couple of squirrels?

That being said; when it comes to kids hunting, each child is different. As far as a safety certification course, why not have kids there? In Mississippi, kids under 12 are encouraged to attend a course. They are not required to take the test but recieve a certificate of attendance (I believe they will not accept kids younger than 8). Kids 12 to 18 are required to past the test. I think one of the best ways to teach kids is to have them attend these courses with a parent or adult, how better to start from the beginning? How better to teach than to lead by example?

Also, why do some complain that these young hunters aren't "doing it right"? Hunting out of shoothouses instead of a rickety old tree stand or stalking for miles through the woods? Give me a break, a young hunter like this needs total and complete supervision. 110% attention from an adult during a hunt, probably needs a rest for the front of a gun too (provided by the window, don't use the argument that if a kid can't fully support the firearm he/she shouldn't hunt, would YOU not use the window frame as support for YOUR shot?). Although this is active hunting, education and training is still a facet of a young hunters experience. A young hunter does not have the same stamina or skills as an adult, we have to take these issues into account and do our best to facilitate the hunt to their fitness and skill level.
A large shoot house provides an environment where a young hunter can be coached, taught and provides the support for the skill level that many young (and old) hunters possess.

One of the responses to kids hunting is that they aren't old enough to appreciate it and haven't earned it..
Sounds more like jealosy to me than a real reason.
Frequently I hear that "that 9 year old kid hasn't hunted enough to appreciate the 8 point he killed, he doesn't deserve it and hasn't paid his dues."
Hunting is a game of chance. If a big buck comes out during a youth hunt, would YOU tell your kid that he has to pass because he "hasn't earned it?".
I doubt it.

After going with me allot last year in preparation, lots of practice during the summer with a cut down youth 20 gauge, and allot of teaching (if you are interrested in what process we used, I would be glad to pass that on), both my boys (6 and 8) killed their first deer this season. My 6 year old killed a nice 8 point, better than I have done in years, while the 8 year old killed a 4 point. We didn't go looking for bucks, I would have been just as happy had a doe walked out, but luck was on their side.
Did my 6 year old "earn" or "deserve" to get the buck he did? As much as any other hunter in the woods. Do you really think I should have told them, "no boys, you are too young to shoot a buck, you have to let it walk so you can shoot something you have "earned". " Yeah, that would have gone over real well, probably turned them off to hunting for life.
By the way, can someone tell me "When" is enuff that a person has earned the right to shoot a certain size deer? Is it like food stamps, after 100 hours in a stand they can kill a doe, 200 hours earns a 4 point, 400 gets a 6 point? Just how do you suppose to justify or measure when a person "deserves" to make a certian kill?

Before complaining about young hunters, folks need to realize that we need every person of these younger generations exposed to and taught about our heratidge. They may or may not take up hunting as a passion, but in 8 or 10 years they will become voters. We need an educated public to ensure our hunting rights are preserved.

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Default RE: TV KILLS

These hunting shows are all starting to get less and less instructive and more about the kill. My son is now 12 years old and has hunted with me for 3 years. This year was his 1st to hunt alone and shot his 3rd deer, a doe. To this date he has never had the opportunity to harvest a buck of any size. Early this season while I was still hesitant letting him hunt in a stand by himself, we had a spike come into a foodplot which my son was wanting to take being his 1st time seeing a buck in the wild. I would not let him take this deer and he was not a happy camper for the rest of the hunt. On the way home he said to me, " you know I'm glad I didn't shoot that little spike". That made me so proud that I knew then that he gained so much more by not shooting than if he did. I have a friend that dog hunts on a lease close to where we hunt. I hear some of the most sickening stories there are. They let these young hunters shoot at running deer, having no idea of shot placement. They can be running straight away, it doesn't matter, just let the lead fly. These youngsters are really learning alot from this. Sometimes, even myself, find that a hunt is sometimes more successful by passing a shot than taking one. I used to be a #'s hunter when I was young but it wasn't until I started passing shots did I really understand what its all about. Just being there in their environment is enough to make it satisfying. We don't have the quality hunting that most of you enjoy. I have only killed a handful of rack bucks in my 20 years of hunting. On 1 hunt this year I let 2 basket rack 6 pointers walk, these would have been about the 4th and 5th best deer of my life. Well I've rambled enough but it just makes me sick to think about the lessons that some of these children are learning about hunting.
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Default RE: TV KILLS

I see several people have kids in the field around the ages of 7ish or so. I've got a baby girl who I'll be taking fishing and boating once she's able to stand or crawl....Now my main concern is what's a good age to get them out in the field? I'm thinking simple fishing from my boat (good family event) as soon as I can (and of course be safe with sun, water, ect). Now hunting? I thought maybe around 9-10...lots to learn about life before using a gun.

I honestly can't remember when I first went out with my dad. It had to be age 5-8 but my mind just can't pin a date on it!

Think ahankster said his boys got deer when they were under 8...what gun size do you use? How you teach em to hold on to the gun!? Guess these will be things I'll be learning in the years to come!

Honestly I'm looking forward to the learning experince!
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Quick Reply: TV KILLS

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