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Hi everyone. I'm new here, but I need hunters help. My family is really big into hunting and I respect the sport and the skill it takes.

But unfortunately, I am on another message board that I am outnumbered with people that say we (as hunters) have no skill, it should be outlawed in NJ, etc. etc.

Can anyone help me with some facts about hunting that helps the environment, animals, etc.

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hi and wecome to the board. I would remind them out how hard it actually is, I mean you don't just go out into the woods and shoot a deer it takes planning and SKILL, if it didn't take skill joe blow could go sit for 2 min. and kill a deer. just remember hunters will always get disrespected, just remember to keep your hunting ethics.
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Howdy C2 FDI and welcome to the forums!

When people see hunters, they only see them taking the resource. They do no realize what they give back. Hunters were the first conservationists in America, and they are still the leading conservationists in America. Environmentalists may talk big, but they don't actually contribute much to the cause. All hunters can do is argue the facts to negate any effects the environmentalists might have on main-stream America. You probably won't have much luck changing an environmentalists mind, but you can influence everyone else.

Here are some links that might help:

Boone and Crockett Club

National Shooting Sports Foundation

Ducks Unlimited

Texas Parks and Wildlife

Sportsmen and Conservation

National Rifle Association
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If hunting were outlawed where would the dollars for conservation come from, i.e.: Pittman-Robertson Act, state fees for licenses, federal dollars for duck stamps. Hunters are the ones that contribute to the conservation movement. I don't think any of the non-hunters are going to spend the amount of money per year that I do on conservation. After spending all that money, most of the time I come home empty handed, due to the fact that I am more of a trophy hunter now instead of the meat hunter I used to be. I pay that kind of money for the experience to be outdoors with the opportunity to see the wildlife, not necessarily kill anything.
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I would just stick with this site and you wouldnt have that problem
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These folks all gave you good answers. Always remember your ethics and manners, don't stoop to their level.

Education is the key. You should get a hunter education course, they're ususally free. Contact your state division of wildlife.

Hunting and trapping are legitimate means for controlling wildlife populations. Here in northern Ohio the antis get all excited about deer hunting in the Cuyahoga Valley, but I never hear what they have to say when starving deer are found (every year) because the habitat won't support them (e.g., not enough food). Those who say let nature take it's course aren't very smart. Wildlife management is SCIENCE, not emotion. The scientific fact is, the animals that prey upon whitetails will not tolerate man. Whereas a deer will cozy right up into a subdivision, bears, cougars and other predators will not and in fact left a long time ago.

Also, hunting protects the ENTIRE 'biota' (all plant and animal life). Deer will strip all vegetation they can reach, and they can reach a lot. They will stand on their hind legs. When that vegetation is stripped, what happens to the birds that nest in brush and low growth? I'm not into flowers, but I know for a fact that certain flowers that were native to the Cuyahoga Valley are now completely gone, because the deer ate 'em for dinner.

Stick to the facts and the science, and you'll whip 'em every time. And if they say "Oh, that deer really has a chance against you and your gun," ask them how much of a chance that hamburger they're eating had.
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I know the deer in my area are very safe. The first day of bow season there was one mile of trucks waiting to get into the management area. Bow season last 4 week ends. 2 deer killed Next , 2 solid months for deer seasonwith firearms. Over 5000 hunters ,18 deer killed. I was blessed and got one. Each hunter paid a minimal of 40.00 dollars just to hunt there. Hunting is a good clean sport. I wonder what goes through the mind of those hunters while they're sitting so patiently for hours in the peace and quiet. Besides hoping for a deer to walk by maybe their families or even God. With such a noisy boom box world we live in, hunting is a haven of rest for me. I love the Lord and regularly attend church, but I feel closes to Him in the quiet times in my deer standwhere the boom boxes are replaced with the singing of birds.Therefore I hunt ALOT.
God Bless You,
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