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Worst Hunting Experience

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Default Worst Hunting Experience

I was hunting down a big old whitetail buck. As i came down into a vally, at broad side, a huge 5x6 bull elk walked onto the ledge. When he started bugling I got really pissed.
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Default RE: Worst Hunting Experience

Mine was when i was standing 20 yards away from a nice size 8-point, as i drew back several doe started running away. When i released a doe ran in front of him and i hit her in the brisket. She went down, he ran off. Never seen him again.
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Default RE: Worst Hunting Experience

I was assaulted in the early years of crossbow hunting on public land in Pa. by other hunters, even though I wa disabled
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Default RE: Worst Hunting Experience

Mine was when a HUGE 6x6 whitetail with black antlers came trotting in toward my blind behind a hedge tree, his rack hit an old electric fence wire when he was 15 yards away on the exacty OPPOSITE side of the tree...no shot, he turned and trotted the other way.
THEN, I was lucky enough for the same thing to happen a week later, (i removed that evil piece of wire), however as I picked up my bow by broadhead got tangled in some brush on the ground, could not get it loose, he watched the whole scene from 8 yards broadside. I said some dirty words to him after he stopped for a look back at 50 yards and I haven't seen him since.(our neighbor shot at him the first day of rifle season, as far as i know he is still out there) grrrrrrr...what a lucky deer....a piece of wire and a piece of brush saved his butt......GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrRRRRR
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Default RE: Worst Hunting Experience

mine was when me and my dad were hunting and my dad shot at a deer and we both thought he hit it so we were walking through a farmers land to get it and the farmer comes out in a car with a shotgun and pistol and pulls on my dad and im about 100 yards away and he sees me pull up my old 20 gauge on his butt. and then my dads sees this knowing if he the guy shoots him i will cap the dude so my dad tells him what he thinks of him and then the fat butt leaves and we call the cops. later that night someone trys to break into our house. my dad graps the .45 runs outside (naked) and starts shootin at them. call the cops again and that the end of that. (dont know if he hit them found no blood and no one went to the hospital within a hour)
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Default RE: Worst Hunting Experience

It was my last trip to the Yukon for caribou. The mother of all antlers got past me in a forest of the danged unworthy heads. I spotted him as he crested a small hill. By the time I got my weezing carcass up there he was disappeared into the herd again. I didn't have enough breath left to even walk. []
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Default RE: Worst Hunting Experience

Let's see, there's the time I cut my hand and had to get it sewed up......or the huge buck I got into too big of a hurry and missed....or when my dad and I were running late and my cousin got an eight point out of my stand........nah none of these qualify as a bad or "worst" hunting experience, because I learned from all of them. Some more painfully than others.
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Default RE: Worst Hunting Experience

i was using my bow and a huge 6x6 whitetail came running by at about 3 or 4 yards away while i was ground hunting. I regret never trying to take a shot havent seen him since but hopefull next year.
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Default RE: Worst Hunting Experience

Last season on the last day of the season,I hit a doe and trailed her for a couple of miles but never got her.She was going to die,but I just couldn't walk anymore as I have a bad knee and leg.I got home and couldn't move the rest of the day.It is the only deer I have missed and I went out and bought an Omega so that I have the most accurate gun available so that never happens again.Another sad story with a happier ending was when I was about 17 and hunting with my father,we were driving and my dad saw a doe struggling in a field.He had a doe permit so he went and finished her so she didn't suffer.I told him I was going to take a little wals a little further back near the woods.My dad told me to just take the guns back to the car so he could gut her.I got to the truck and about 10 yards from where my dad was gutting the doe,a monster 8 or 10 pt got up and trotted away.I yelled to my dad but he didn't hear me.We went to the spot it got up because my father didn't believe me because the grass he was laying in was only about knee high.There in the snow was the evidence and the signs of some nice 8 inch tines.At least the deer lived to hopefully breed.
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Default RE: Worst Hunting Experience

This story is actually hard for me to talk about but it is something i want to share with everyone. This experience was horrible because of what happened and the fact that despite both the efforts of my dad and I, we couldn't help. I was about 18 at the time we were trying at one of the very few places out here but sad to say everyone goes to the place. We were basically just walking around because we knew we'd probably wouldn't get anything but still had to try. I'd say probably about two hours into our hunt, we heard a gun shot off in the distance (fairly close) and maybe about not even 5 minutes later, a guy screaming for help. Since my dad and I were closest to what end up being a wound hunter, we got there as soon as we could. I don't know how or why this guy was shot because he was wearing hunter orange but whatever reason he was. The guy was hit just below the heart but had a bad sucking chest wound. My dad being in law enforcment and certifed in first aid, did what he could to try to help the guy (he was able to plug up the hole in the back while i used the a bag that i carried my compass for the wound in front) We carried the guy probably a good couple of miles but sad to say he died before the paramedics could get there in time. I felt bad about this because both my dad and I tried to save the poor guy. I think my dad felt even worse because he was trained in first aid but it didn't do him any good. That was one of the few times i have ever seen him cry as well. I don't know if it was an accident or not but the "hunter" who shot the poor guy ran off afterwards and not even sure if he was ever caught or not. Ever since this incident, i don't hunt out there anymore.
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