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Imposing fees

Old 01-26-2005, 02:45 PM
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Default Imposing fees

Many people say that their DNR's don't know how many deer there are in their respective states. I think most states go off the deer season kills but most people don't send in the reports. I think every report should be sent in whether or not you got one. If you don't send it in, then there will be a fee ($2 or $3) added to your license purchase for the following year. Also, there should be a reward given to someone who turns in a poacher. Many people let it slide, but if there was a reward of say $250, then maybe people would turn them in more. What do you think?
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Default RE: Imposing fees

I agree wholeheartedly!

I think, back in the day, that sending in your report cards would get you a nifty "successful hunter" patch with the year, game, and a little packet of info.

Those patches are now collectors' items.
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Default RE: Imposing fees

Well next year they are going to reporting kills on the puter.Might help
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Default RE: Imposing fees

There should be some incentive for hunters to fill a survey out. In the past five years I have had a Fish, Wildlife and Parks personel call me on the phone and leave a message and I only talked to them one time about four years ago. I explained to the lady taking the survey the hours I hunted each game species as I keep a diary of my hunts, when it came to white-tails my hours hunting was more than 40 hours a week from sept. to the end of nov. and didn't kill a deer. I explained to her that I didn't see the "DEER" that I wanted to see because I am very selective in what I take. Some people want to fill there tag the first day and there season comes to an end here and I stretch it out to the last day of the season at times. Thats why manhours hunted a perticular specie doesn't neccesarily reflect the man hours it took for that game specie taken. Some people shoot the first thing they see and others are holding out. The DNR and state biologist can only process data that is provided to them no matter how accurate or inaccurate it may be but we as good hunters really need to start providing it to them. Bobby
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Default RE: Imposing fees

i agree
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Default RE: Imposing fees

I don't need another fee added to my license thank you very much. I don't object to reporting my take and almost always do but I don't need another $2 or $3 going into the bureaucracy unless they can show me that it puts more deer in the field.
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Default RE: Imposing fees

While I encourage everyone to report their harvest appropriately, I oppose adding extra fees. I think that the state DNR's would have a good idea of how many people forget to send in the form and can factor that into their numbers. Those things tend to average out and stay constant over time.
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Default RE: Imposing fees

Thats gotta be one of the smartest ideas
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Default RE: Imposing fees

Lets see, failure to turn in your questionairre for big game hunting in Nevada, loss of big game hunting privlidges for the next year or pay $50 to have the reinstated. Rewards for poachers can get into the thousands of dollars, depending on the case. Can't believe there are states that don't have requirements for reporting harvest or rewards for turning in poachers. BTW - You have to turn in the questionairre wether or not you hunted or harvested an animal, certain tags, like mt goat have to be cancelled if unsuccessful, bighorn sheep, mt goats, and mt lion have to be presented to a NDOW representative, usually within three days of the kill. And the questionairre for deer, elk, and antelope has to be turned in within 3 weeks of the kill.

They use this information, along with aerial and ground surveys to accurately as possible determine the size of the big game herds.

I like the idea, keeps the people who are truly ignorant to the law out of the field.
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Default RE: Imposing fees

we have to report our big game animal( turkey, deer, bear and moose) into a weigh and check station, no matter what it is. even when it comes to moose season, everything but the innards has to be weighed, and let me tell you, it ain't easy getting a big critter like that out of the woods. perhaps more states should do that, for one thing you will get an accurate measure of an animal's weight instead of some inflated number like i have heard come out of one state(pa). field dressed, of course.
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