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Racor right on. It always boils down to ethics and respect for your fellow sportsmen.
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If it was my stand built from wood I would like you to hunt it. I carve my name in all my wooden stands for this reasion with my number. BY law in most stats a stand on comon ground is far play any one can hunt in it. The law says the 1st one there has tottal right to hunt it. I do not think this is right but if no one is in it hunt it.If they come talk to them say sorry move on.I have walked up on many of my stands with guys in them no real problems YET.Most every one of the hunters climbed out befor I got to the stand.

If you are going to hunt where every one can hunt then there is some things you must live with.It is way better than them steeling my stand to put it some where they would like.My buds that are pains in the but when they walk up on some one in there stand loose several stands every year.I think this is due to the fack they are not nice at all if some one is in there stand and they make a big deal of it.
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i didn't have my mind made up before posting the question....otherwise i wouldn't have asked. I am just trying to get a feel for what other people think. I am still trying to find out who owns the stand and get in touch with him.
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IMO if you own a climber I'd bring it in and claim a tree in the area if you set on hunting it. There is little I like less then finding someone in my stand. Some stands only get hunted a couple time a year due to only hunting it when the winds are right. When you hunt someone else stand you just don't know why it's vacant or that persons mind set should they find you in there stand. Play safe and use good etiquette.
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I think if it's not your stand don't hunt out of it. put your own beside it. Sore spot with me, public land or private multi hunters, guy puts stand in tree ,maybe he never comes back all year and no buddy else can hunt around their rest of year. I had permission to hunt a farm when I was scouting for a very large 10 point, I heard noise walked over and talked to a guy that hunted their before.I told him I would stay out of his area that his stand was in., that's when he told me he had stands all over the place. Well that's when I told him to give me his schedule when he would hunt each stand sence he could only hunt one stand at a time. he did't like that

Am I wrong or not.


You are wrong in one sense--- . That is you should have never told the guy that you would stay out of the area his stand was in, in the first place (if you both had equal permission to hunt). you still could have shown respect for his area initially and stayed out, but then if you figured out that he wasn't there very much, you could go in with ease of mind and wouldn't have to worry about him saying to you later on "I thought you said you were going to stay away from here". If you hadn't said that in the first place then there would have been no need to ask for a schedule (which I'm sure would be impossible to provide)

I would submit though that a person should TRY not to get in someone else's stand--if possible. It will make you feel like a total a$$ if you get caught w/o permission. plus there are safety concerns about how sturdy it still is. It could ruin your day.....It might also make you uneasy once you're up there thinkin' you might get caught and not be able to concentrate enough on the hunt
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I ask if I was right or wrong. I think this guy puts stands up to keep to keep every one out. when my buddy talked to him he said O yea I hunt over their too.
Just wanted to hear what you guys thought.

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think of the incident that happend a few months ago dude was in someone eles stand and they got in a argument and the dude shot kids and men hunting there. so if i was u i would just sit on the ground by it.
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If I were you I wouldn't hunt out of it. This past season I shot two bucks with a gun, both out of someone elses stand and after all of it I regret shooting both. They were the first two bucks I've ever harvested with a gun, the first one was on my friends stand, I helped him move it that day and he couldn't hunt it that evening so he offered it to me. So I took it and shot a decent 9 that I thought was bigger than it was. Found out later that he had passed that one up a few times earlier in the season. Later that week, my uncle offered me his stand. He only hunts the first day of the season and is done, so it's open. I hunted in it one evening and took a 8 with a 17 3/4 inch inside spread. Also felt bad for taking it, it just takes away from the experience not being from your stand. Both of them were happy for me, but it just wasn't the same. But that's how I guess I felt, others may feel completely fine with it. I wouldn't hunt from it, find another place. If you have all that land "thousands of acres" as you say I'm sure you can find another good place to hunt, it can't be the only good stand location.
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here is a easly way to answer it all, if you did not put it there, or bring it in, or pay for it, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF,AND THAT MEANS YOUR ASS TOO.
Can I use your ATV while your in my stand???. Can I drive your Truck??
I can make a list much longer, shake your head and use common sence and respect. Please let me find you in my stand, Putz
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Putting up a stand doesn't mean they own it.

People try that crap on P. L. here all the time. They think the got a lease on ten acres of public land because they hang $25 worth of junk on a tree.

The law says, first come first serve.

Leave it hanging in the tree and I'll use it if I want. If they come and want to take it down, I'll get down. But I'm not moving on just because they left their stuff out there from last year.

I know a place where a guy has 15 of those junk home made wooden ladder stands 8 feet tall set out across a few hundred acres of public land. He leaves them until they rot and thinks he can run everybody around because, "Hey, you are in/ on / around my stand." Screw him.
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Quick Reply: NOT MY STAND

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