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urinating in stand

Old 01-18-2005, 11:52 AM
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Default urinating in stand

Do you carry a bottle with you or just go over the side? Do the deer notice it and are they alarmed? How about doing it in scrapes?
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Default RE: urinating in stand

Dont *** on the ground because at first the smell of your **** still has a humanly scent in it and deer will notice it. After about a few hours though your **** will turn to amonia and it can be effective. Do not ***** in a bottle because it makes too much noise, what I do is **** in a plasic bag so it won't make noise.

The word is urinate or maybe pee. Anything else gets deleted.
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Default RE: urinating in stand

I pee out the door and deer dont seem to notice it..
I've had deer down wind and and I had to pee and they never noticed. I know a few who carry a bottle. but personally I just go..they dont seem to care so hey why not.
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Default RE: urinating in stand

I agree urninated anytime on the ground during your hunt can prove to be a bad mistake. What I do is I pee before I even get to the stand, and if I have to pee I just wait it out.
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Default RE: urinating in stand

I thought I would chime in on this from an experience I had yesterday. I was bowhunting from a makeshift ground blind yesterday and just had to go. I snuck out and went a few yards away. I was hunting the wind so it was right in my face all afternoon. About 30 min later I was looking at something to my left and when I turned and looked right A couple of does were 20 yards away. One got within 15 yards and saw me. She didn't know what I was so she was staring at me stomping the ground and snorting for 10 min. She actually got within 10 yards. She kept walking toward me. Needless to say in my screwing around I was not ready so didn't get a shot but she definately didn't wind anything. You just have make sure the wind is right but I think you should hunt the wind anyways.
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Default RE: urinating in stand

I have ***** on a sappling in front of my tree and had deer walk up and start sniffing it 10 minutes later. There were some findings published a few years back where they tested scrapes in breeding enclsures where they used doe urine, buck urine, human urine, and a control substance in scrapes. The deer used the doe urine the most followed closely by the human urine and third was the buck urine. It was actually posted on this forum a few years back. Pee is pee and deer can't tell the difference.
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Default RE: urinating in stand

i just let it fly
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Default RE: urinating in stand

I'll have to say, I pee from my tree... and shot deer half hour later.
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Default RE: urinating in stand

I carry in a water bottle especially if I am going to be there for a while. The water serves 2 purposes. I drink it if thirsty and use it to help if my throat gets dry and I want to cough. Nothing is worse than having a deer coming into the stand and you nervous and get a dry throat and sit there fighting that feeling. I used to eat candy but the water works best and when the water is gone you can use the container to relieve yourself, screw the cap back on and bring it out. Problems solved.
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Default RE: urinating in stand

I have a bad prostrate and would need a 5 gallon bucket to hold all my pee in the stand 12 hours. I Just lei go then pour barnyard 88 on it
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Quick Reply: urinating in stand

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