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The *****est question evah.

Old 01-16-2005, 12:44 AM
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Default RE: The *****est question evah.

Deer like gum tree bark.
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Default RE: The *****est question evah.

Not a wierd question at all .
Let's see , you're asking about an animal that can smell when you bust a "trouser cough" at up to half a mile away ...
I'll go with Yep !
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Old 01-16-2005, 10:09 AM
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Default RE: The *****est question evah.

They probably can smell it, do they associate that smell with humans. That's the important question. I've walked up on deer with a mouth full of Copenhagen, I know they can smell that.
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Old 01-16-2005, 11:21 AM
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Default RE: The *****est question evah.

i invented some gum that is doe in heat formula, it taste terrible but works great!!!!!

oh yea it is advised that you be up in your climber/stand before you start chewing it, at least 15 ft. off the ground
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Old 01-16-2005, 02:06 PM
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Default RE: The *****est question evah.

Of course, we have scent-free laundry soap so our hunting clothes don't tip off our presence to the deer (including no ultraviolet brighteners which are common in ordinary commercial laundry soaps), we have scent-free body soap so when we shower we don't tip off the deer with our scented hand soaps, and this camoflaged gum is just a logical continuation of this product trend. I do the scent-free laundry soap and scent-free body soap. I had never heard of the camoflaged gum product, but guessed that brushing my teeth with mint fresh Pepsident probably would defeat the scent-free philosophy, so I usually brush my teeth in the morning before a deer hunt with a mixture of baking soda and salt, which is what I understand people used to brush their teeth with before our modern tooth powders and tooth pastes. Note that the camoflage gum refers to camoflaging one's breath, not to any visual characteristic of the gum itself.

Now, while I at least go through the motions of some of this scent free stuff, I'm not entirely sold on it either. For example, almost invariably I work up at least a little bit of a sweat trudging through the woods in the dark getting to my hunting spot (I usually hunt from a ground ambush, such as in the shadow of a tree behind some low brush). How much effect does the scent free actions have when you have sweated up your scent-free clothes?

If you are really serious about the scent-free philosophy you need to also consider what you eat. For example, I have heard that eating onions, garlic, or drinking alcohol can cause human beings to have a strong body odor. Hence, if you are really wanting to go scent-free in the deer woods, you will want to restrict your eating habits appropriately, at least during the hunt and maybe a day or two before the hunt.

Maybe these matters are more important to bow hunters. Since you should always hunt down wind of your quarry, can these guys really smell you at 50 yards or more? If you don't have the wind in your favor, is the scent-free dance going to work sufficiently well? Maybe all this scent-free stuff is just a way for shrewd business men to pocket some of the money of the sportsmen? How did deer hunters succeed taking deer forty years ago? Do we take more or better deer now because of having these products?
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Default RE: The *****est question evah.

not sure if the gum really works or not. it has pine oil in it so it tastes like crap believe me
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Default RE: The *****est question evah.

You could always just gargle with a little Tinks #69[:'(]
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Default RE: The *****est question evah.

I remember a few years back someone came out with some tablets/pills you could start taking about 3-weeks before season and continue through the season and they would eliminate you body odor...don't remember who did it or if it worked. Haven't seen it around lately...
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Default RE: The *****est question evah.

RED SOX rule!

and to do the PATRIOTS

Sorry guys big boston fan here.

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