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How well do deer smell...????

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Default How well do deer smell...????

OK so someone might have asked this befor I joined. But I am already thinking next years deer hunting.
Lets say you have shot your deer. Now does the blood thats on the ground leave a scent??? And do other deer become aware of what has happened in that area? And if they do how long befor you can hunt in that area again? So along with that if you gut it where you shot it do you hurt that area for future hunting???
I know its alot of questions but I know all of you will give me some great advice.
One more thing...what if after you shoot it you put it in a cart or drag it on something that doesnt leave a trail and turn the soil where it dropped do you have a better chance hunting in the same area?
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Default RE: How well do deer smell...????

I usually gut one away from my stand, but I don't worry about scent of blood on the ground or the scent of dragging one out. I am more worried about the scent I leave prior to the hunt. I have killed deer out of the same stand in consecutive days.
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Default RE: How well do deer smell...????

I drag mine to a place that I dont hunt to field dress. As for the blood smell on the ground, I have yet to see it bother anything.
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Default RE: How well do deer smell...????

10,000x's better than a human!
Proven fact!

Don't worry about it, I shot a young deer this past monday and was field dressing it in the woods when I had a old, wise, and mature buck come within 40- or + yds from me and not spook, well he snorted but he just casually walked off with his tail up, not running.
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Default RE: How well do deer smell...????

I was with a guy that got a buck last saturday morning. we drug it out to the main road to feild dress it. It bled out for about 10 minutes while we got our camos off and sharpened the knife. The next morning while we were getting ready to hunt again I noticed another deer had pee'd on the blood patch from the day before and it raked it's antlers over the same blood patch in the dirt road. I'm assuming it smelled the other bucks scent and was marking his territory.
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Default RE: How well do deer smell...????

Deer smell good... especially when they are being grilled!
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Default RE: How well do deer smell...????

Worry about your scent the most. . .I have had a Deer down dead and had others walk right up a half hour later and pay them no mind. A buddy of mine filled both his buck tags last week that way. Took a nice 8Pt. but just stayed still and sure enough 40 minutes later another 8 came in and got it too.
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Default RE: How well do deer smell...????

An old indian saying: "A leaf fell in the woods. The eagle saw it and the deer smelled it."

If nothing else, this is a cool saying to have on the tip of your tongue to share with others at an opportune moment, perhaps while sipping an adult beverage.
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Default RE: How well do deer smell...????

I shot a does on Monday , gutted it out dragged it to the base of my tree and climbed back up to try and fill my buck tag. later on 4 does come up the ridge stood 20 yards away from the dead eer and stared at her. They then crossed the path I dragged the deer and stopped immediately and started to sniff the ground. All 4 then followed the exact same path I dragged the deer from were we were right to the gut pile. The stood milling around the gut pile for 15 minutes and the left.

Point .............in my opinion it doesn't spoke them and you could hunt right away after gutting a deer. In fact in very well may have been a dure lure to bring the 4 does, who knows..........
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Default RE: How well do deer smell...????

Good point. No one knows what a deer is thinking. If they went to your gut pile they certanly wasn,t afraid of it. And then staying 15 minutes Hmmm.
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