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Dang Female Hunters....there just...

Old 11-22-2004, 03:12 PM
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Default RE: Dang Female Hunters....there just...

dude I know I want another girl to hunt with!!!!!I hunt in western WI. I hunt Deer, coyote, coon, squirrel, duck, pronghorn, and more. I got a new hunting pertner, my neighbor Katie is deer hunting with my party next year!!
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Default RE: Dang Female Hunters....there just...

i agree too, we need more of us.......our local newspaper just did on story on women hunters and the growing trend... my sister and another woman hunter were the main focus, i did get mentioned though ,lol....
had a lil girl, 9-10 take a monster buck this weekend, her first hunt ever...
there are more and more....
i personally hunt, archery and shotgun, i like em close and personal..., i duck hunt, dove, quail.....well havent in a couple of yrs. , but my passion is turkey,i hunt deer and hog too, small game....basically those are just filling in the time between turkey seasons for me, lol....oh i forgot muzzleloader too......
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Default RE: Dang Female Hunters....there just...

Awesome about the little girl, nothing to get 'em hooked like baggin' a monster buck!

I want to turkey hunt so badly!! I hunted rabbits last year at my boyfriend's dad's house, but didn't see any. I was going to go on the evening hunt too, but his sister (who has WANTED to hunt, but never has) was stressing with her two boys, so I told her I would stay behind and watch them if she wanted to go hunting with her brother and husband... She GLADLY accepted and it was off they went. My boyfriend got a bunny (a birthday bunny, as his bday is Dec. 27th) and she got to help, she was so excited. After that, she wanted to hunt everything, turkey, deer, rabbits, so her hubby went out and bought her a new gun for Mother's Day and she is excited about it! Hey, whatever I can do to get more women hunters, I am glad I gave up my spot on the bunny squad to her, it got her interest piqued.
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Default RE: Dang Female Hunters....there just...

I agree completely huntnma my passion is turkey hunting too. There is nothing that can compare to the feeling I get when I hear him gobble. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I am very fortunate to have a husband that is a very good caller and he doesnt mind me tagging along. In fact that is what made me fall in love with him. He took me turkey hunting before we were married and picked me daffodills on the way out. I dont know which was sweeter the flowers or the hunt. But I just love to hunt. Whatever is in season.

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Default RE: Dang Female Hunters....there just...

Ok Let me answer your questions. I hunt Deer, Rabbit, Squirrel, and wild hog. Just started duck hunting. I used to hunt in California then my family moved to East Texas. So now I hunt in Texas. I go hunting by putting on my camo and getting my gun and licince and go out there. Just kidding. I prefer stalking over sitting in a stand. I normally hunt in a team with my Dad. Ive been out there with him since I was a baby. So I do a lot of hard walking, climbing, going through mud, but really I love it. The real differance I find between the way my Dad and I hunt is that I have to have my gun stocks cut at a differant angel because Im packing a pit in the chest and It hurts to bad if I dont. The only real differance I find between me and a lot of other hunters I know and have met one on one is that my Dad and I both skin and butcher our own deer. We prefer to do it all ourselfs.

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Default RE: Dang Female Hunters....there just...

I've been hunting for 26 years and got my sister into it, and my two sister-n-laws into it as well. My sister still hunts with her husband and their family, and my sister-n-laws gave it up a long time ago.

I heard the guys come back from their day of hunting telling these exciting stories. It sounded like so much fun, that I had to try it. I told my husband to buy me a cheap gun in case I didn't like it. The gun (back then) only cost about $69.00, and I got it from K-Mart. It was just a little hinge action single shot. I took the hunting courses that were required, and I started reading magazines, and books galore. I fell in love with the sport. I was out everyday learning the terrain, and about the animals I hunted. I've slowed down quite a bit over the years, but I still go out whenever I'm feeling pretty good. I don't have any other women to hunt with around here, and that's too bad, but I can go out to "womenhunters.com" and feel right at home.

I hunt in NY State with bow (Bowtech BlackHawk, and Parker Challenger), and gun (Rem. 870 youth model with rifled sights), or with my modified choke for most small game. I hunt for whitetail, turkey, and occasional small game such as grouse or squirrel. I shoot 3-D, and paper targets in leagues. Our bear season runs with with our deer season, but I don't know if I dare wack at one. We'll have to see when the time comes. I'd hate to get a bear ticked off at me.

I also like to fish, and just started flyfishing a couple years ago. I'm proud to say my husband and I taught our boys to hunt and fish, and now they're teaching us stuff about the sports. They are avid sportsman who are excellent hunters, and fishermen. We're always encouraging more folks to get their kids into this wholesome sport.

One more addition....I've always gotten alot of respect from other hunters. Even when I was just starting out a long time ago and I was the only woman around they knew of that hunted.

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Default RE: Dang Female Hunters....there just...

Hello ladies... I just love women in camo...
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Default RE: Dang Female Hunters....there just...

My g/f wants to hunt with me. She has never complained about me going in the woods and being out late at all. She is very good about that. I will be adding two females to the hunting ranks though. My g/f. She will be getting her first bow this christmas I am thinking. Plus her daughter, who is 6 now, who has gone into the woods with me and has saw me take a deer and feild dress it, and just loved it..Was a suprise since she came off as such a Priss, for lack of a better word. I will give her a year or so more to gain a little size to her and get her a 20ga. and see how she does. She loved sitting into the woods and was even quiet for over 2 hours without figgitting either.
Should be an interesting hunting season in a few years...Plus my wallet will be shrinking now..Well there are alway minuses to go with the pluses..lol
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Default RE: Dang Female Hunters....there just...

ahha doemaster...u just love women in camo...funny stuff. I hit tha jackpot man, yesterday i met two girls from cookeville tennessee that have been hunting before and cant wait to get to do it again so im feelin pretty good about it. The hunt of course. I figure ill take em to a stand where i always see does everytime i sit it and set up a quick groudblind or something along the lines of that to conceal 3 bodies the best i can. It's always a great find to find a female hunter....finding two just makes ya ecstatic! (sp)
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Default RE: Dang Female Hunters....there just...

Hello all
I love to HUNT!!!! I wish I would have taken this up years ago. I had a bad weekend the first weekend. But the second and third were great. As a matter of fact I am enjoying my buck now(big 2 pointer) but a buck still the same. I was using a ground blind. I had a bear scare the first weekend but went on some friends land the next 2. I feel safer in the blind when I know theres no bear. Next year I would like to try a good tree stand. My friend I went with was excited for me. She got nothing. But what she did get was a hunting partner for life. We both learned so much this season,we cant wait till next season. Even tho I think she is going to sneek away for 1 more time next weekend...she got muzzle loader. Big 50 cal. makes my 270 look like a 22 LOL....
I hope during the next year we can get a hunting party together or something....just us girls. Leave the men at camp...lol
good hunting all!!!!!
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