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do you feel bad

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It's very normal to feel bad. The deer I shot, I knelt down and said a prayer asking for forgiviness for taking her life but thanking God for the harvest.

IMO, it's part of making us good sportsmen/women.
I couldnt of said it any better! AMEN
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Default RE: do you feel bad

I guess I am programed to respect the deer, but also understand that it is all part of life. I do feel bad that something but get over it quickly.
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Default RE: do you feel bad

ORIGINAL: annieoakley

I always say a prayer afterwards thanking God for the deer and the opportunity to feed my family.
I do the exacy same thing
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Default RE: do you feel bad

I think everyone who has a soul will feel bad for taking the animal, but when it's done ethically and you say that prayer in the end it's all worth it. Your feelings show that you truely respect the sport and the wildlife you harvest.
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Here is one of the Native American prays

ABNAKI prayer

I am sorry that I had to kill you, little brother, but I had need of your meat.
my Children where hungry and crying for food. Forgive me, little brother. I honor your courage, your strength and your beauty. Each time I pass this place I will remember you and do honor to your spirit, forgive me, little brother. See I smoke in your memory. I burn tobacco
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Default RE: do you feel bad

I only feel bad if I make a bad shot.
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Default RE: do you feel bad

Your not alone in feeling bad! Just remember that death is a harsh reality of life! Feeling bad or sad is as natural as needing to kill to survive! Good luck ... Jim
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Default RE: do you feel bad

From: cardeer

Yes,If you dont,something wrong in your soul
From: lewisgraphics1

I think everyone who has a soul will feel bad for taking the animal,
Uh oh! I traded mine off for doughnuts. Darned sprinkles!!!!!!!!![:@]

I just don't feel bad for taking game animals, never really have. Like WVCritterGitter says, I feel bad if I make a bad shot, but not when I make a clean kill. Many deer die each year. Some to disease, some to starvation, some to predators, and some to hunters. I figure a good clean shot would be the best way to go.

People on Discovery and National Geographic always show gazelles and such getting killed by lions. The animal is still alive and the predators are already eating it.[:'(] Or a little orphan animal gets lost and starves. They film the whole thing, never lifting a finger. I would have to shoot it or do something. Can't stand to watch an animal just sitting there suffering, watching the end come so slowly.
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Default RE: do you feel bad

ORIGINAL: deerhunter1224

I love to go hunting. When you are out there and that deer walks by your stand you decide to take it. Part of me sort of feels bad that I am taking this deer life. I get over it fairly fast. I have respect for the deer they are living breathing animal as we are. Its silly that I feel bad, but thats how I feel.
Don't feel silly at all. As I posted in a message, I just killed my first 2 deer ever this last weekend. When I went down the lanes to check them after taking the 2nd one, it got to me a bit. I was happy about it, and thankful to the Lord, because it provides for my family, but a bit sad about it. I personally think that it's something I'll always feel when taking deer.

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Default RE: do you feel bad

I always thank to the lord for giving me speed and accuracy and making my shots count after I take any animal.
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