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Old 10-20-2004, 12:05 AM   #1
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Default Best sub $200 deer rifle?

I'm fond of the 30-06, never shot a muzzleloader. Already have a shotgun (Remington semi-auto 12ga).

It can be used, but wanted to know what to look for. I'm a Remington fan, but not opposed to other brands. My Mossberg .22 is a good rifle.

Thanks in advance.
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Default RE: Best sub $200 deer rifle?

I would suggest finding a used gun. . .at under $200 your realy limited. Try your pawn shops and go back to them weekly, the better guns don't last long.
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Default RE: Best sub $200 deer rifle?

Agree on the used gun route. Check newspapers in your area, often around here you will see an ad. Be prepared to vary the caliber, it may be hard to find an 06. I would want to shoot a used gun a few times just in case there is something wrong with it. Nothing wrong with an older gun. My old .270 is over 32 years old and shoots fine.
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Default RE: Best sub $200 deer rifle?

first deer rifle i ever used was model 99 savage .308 my bro had picked it up used for a song. To this day i still love that rifle except its 6 hours away in Calgary at his place. Can get a good used gun for a decent price. Might be nothin to look at but if shoots well why not
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Default RE: Best sub $200 deer rifle?

Don't overlook the NEF rifles. Walmart will get them for you if you can't find a local dealer. An NEF rifle will cost you 200.00 new at Wally World. You can get it in 243. 308,270, 30-06 280, 2506 44 Mag and 45-70. You can get wood or synthetic stock. They shoot good and though they are single shot, you can reload pretty fast. I have several. I have the 280 which has a 26 inch barrel. I bought it used for 199.00 with a 4X scope already on it. Some people think they are an ugly gun but when you can buy it new for about 200.00 it starts to look better when you fire a three shot group and walk down and look at the target, It really starts looking good. My 280 will shoot three shot groups well under 1 1/2 inches. What more can you ask of a 200.00 gun. They have a web site and you can see them there. They also have a dealer map page to show you where to find them. Another plus to them is that you can send them in for different barrels and its less than 100.00 to get another caliber barrel for them. You won't find much for used guns under 200.00. After the seasons are over you might get a better deal. Good hunting. try this site. hr1871.com
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Default RE: Best sub $200 deer rifle?

A used Marlin in .30-30. Sometimes you can even find them scoped for that range. I've paid as little as $150.

Sure, you won't have the long-range shooting ability you'd get with something else, but what the heck.
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Default RE: Best sub $200 deer rifle?

Another vote for the NEF single shot. 30-06 is a great caliber due to wide bullet selection. I shoot Federal Premium High Energy with a 180 gr Nosler Partition bullet which will drop most anything in North America. The new low-recoil loads is what my 10 yr old will start with and have about the kick of a .243. Now that is versatility especially for $200.
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Default RE: Best sub $200 deer rifle?

I bought a new Mossberg M100 in .270 win at walmart for $244.00 it is one sweet bolt action!
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Default RE: Best sub $200 deer rifle?

Under $200, guns (or Mausers which are above and beyond!!!) Starting with new under $200, then on to the "good used" under $200:

NEF Handi-Rifles: GREAT GUNS, single shots in various calibers (can get replacement bbls)

Mausers (newly imported): 98's are great guns, mausers can be had in various cals, .308, 8mm, 7mm, 6.5x55, absolutely OUTSTANDING SHOOTERS, even if they are a little rough on the edges.


Winchester Leveraction .30-30's-they're under $300 new. Really good guns.

SKS's: in 7.62x39mm, pretty good guns, not great, but fun and basically as effective as a .30-30.

Savage Bolt guns: PROBABLY THE BEST PICK...although harder and harder to find under $200.

There are a LOT of used guns under $200 out there that are in great shape.

Personally, I'd buy a new H&R/NEF Handi rifle in .308 or .30-06 (or .45-70 honestly) before I bought any of the others (other than the Mausers-they'd be a toss up).
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Default RE: Best sub $200 deer rifle?

The classified ads are the best places to find good deals. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a good deal on a rifle and scope. Somebody will inherit some guns or win them in a divorce that could care less about owning a gun. They just want money fast. It takes a little patience, but it can pay off big if you get lucky. What we know as a Remington 700 .270 with a 3x9 Leupold is just a gun and a scope to some people. Flash $200 in front of them and you'll be bringing it home.

Seems like everytime I buy something, within a month somebody has the same thing for sale in the Thrifty Nickel. The only difference is I bought mine new and spent more money. [:@]
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