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Very interesting Saturday...

Old 03-04-2002, 03:10 PM
Fork Horn
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Default Very interesting Saturday...

Well first of all, I own a westie (west highland white terrier) who likes to sit on windowsills and watch for whatever goes running through the woods. Anyway at about noon on Saturday I hear her start going crazy, so I run upstairs and look out the window, and see about 15 deer runnin through the back yard, they went about 30 yards into the woods behind my house and stopped. I saw at least one buck in with them so I went in to the woods and tried to get a closer look, I got about 15 yards away when something in front of them spooked em and they all turned around and started running right at me. 10 of the deer (all does) split off to my right and ran out into my back yard, across the ST. and into the woods, but the other 5 (all bucks) kept coming full speed strait at me, I don't know if they didn't see me or what, But I knew If I didn't get out of the way I was going to be run over, So I stood up and tried move out of the way to the right, they didn't even react when I stood up, they just kept coming, and I just barely got out of the way of the lead buck, he brushed my side and just kept going. They ranged in size from 4 to 10 points, the lead buck was a big 8. I never did see what spooked em...

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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Very interesting Saturday...

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Default RE: Very interesting Saturday...

Me and a friend once got stampeded by cows. We had been chasing them all day and we had them kind of cornered and they came at us. I figured they would change directions but when they got close I took off. Stupid me kept running the same direction they were untill I looked at my friend and he was in the woods. So I too took to the woods.
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Default RE: Very interesting Saturday...

That would have been a little to close for comfort for me. On opening day my bro-in-law was sitting hidden in some brush and there was a gunshot in the distance and a little spike buck ran out infront of him about 50yds. away and suddenly started running at him! He started moving around a bit hoping to scare the little buck away so he didn't have to waste his buck tag on him, but reguardless of the movement the buck kept going and going and right before he jumped the creek he was shot by my bro about 10 yards away, over the creek and he could have been in trouble!
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Default RE: Very interesting Saturday...

Glad your ok. Man that sounds exciting to me. I would of tried to grab an antler of two. Na just kidding I would of jumped out like you did too.

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Default RE: Very interesting Saturday...

Cool story, but one question, did you change your drawers?????

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Default RE: Very interesting Saturday...

Cool story. I'm surprised to see that bucks in your area are still wearing their antlers.

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Default RE: Very interesting Saturday...

I wouldn't mind that happening to me.

Do you think you would have been run over if you just stood there? I don't think deer run into trees. You would be a stump with a human odor to them. Haas anyone been brave enough to just stand there?
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Default RE: Very interesting Saturday...

i bet that was pretty cool. grab a horn and swing onto his back for a ride..hahahaha.
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