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Deer season is right around the corner

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Deer season is right around the corner

Old 08-02-2004, 01:27 PM
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Default Deer season is right around the corner

I am ready for it and excited as I am every year but there is one thing that I don't look forward to, all the idiots out hunting. I grew up hunting with my grandfather. He never did waste his money on deer pee, camo clothes or expensive materal things that were unnecessary. He always used open sights because using a scope doesn't give the deer a chance, he was very humble about deer hunting. He wore blue jeans, dark blue t-shirt and when it was cold he wore just a regular jacket. He carried a single shot slug gun. He killed more deer than anyone I know. He ALWAYS stressed to me "one shot, one kill" he also stressed to me about shooting the deer in the right spot so he will die before you end up walking for ever tracking it. He never like to hear of or see of an animal suffering, any animal. He shot every deer in the neck in the main artery and dropped it everytime. No missing, no shooting 5 or 6 times at one deer, no shooting at a deer 200-1000 yards out. Today grandaddy is gone but I have inherited his morals about deer hunting and I am glad. After he died I never got into hunting until about 3 years ago. Unlike him I did buy an expensive gun (7mm) expensive clothes and I use tinks 69. But that is the only difference. When I first started I always thought how much of a waste it is to kill a doe or a small buck. Being new I was excited to see anything walk by but I held my finger off the trigger. In 3 years I have let more deer walk (does and bucks) than I will prolly ever see. The limit is 2 bucks per season. I have killed my limit of bucks every season for 3 years. I have shot 1 time and never had to track a deer or shot more than once. Personnaly I think thats pretty damn good. Although I have a 7 mm and I know that I can hit 3 shots inside of a baseball at 300 yards, I NEVER think about shooting at a deer no more than 100 yards. Why? Thats just the way I think, the farther you go out the more error for mistake and like I mentioned above grandaddy never liked to wound an animal and neither do I. The farthest I have shot was 120 yards and I was kinda nervouse about shooting that far. I take deer hunting very serious. I get into the woods about 1.5 hr before daylight, and even if I never see anything (happened to me a bunch) I still enjoy sitting out on warm or cold morning watching all the wildlife God has given us, listening, smelling all that ppl take for granted. I love it. Killing a deer just makes it that much greater. ........NOW for the part I dont' like. Everyyear my brother in law goes with me one time and if I can help it he won't go any this year. He takes nothign serious about deer hunting, comes halling ass in the field in his truck making all kinds of noise at about 5 mins before daylight and then complains about not seeing anything. Not only him but other hunters as well that I don't know but can HEAR. Shooting at a deer anywhere from 4 to....lets see last year I counted 8 shots at one so I am asuming 2 hunters shooting a total of 8 times at a deer. I see deer limping and wounded in the woods from these idiots. If they can't hit what they are shooting at then they have no business being out there. I know of a couple of idiots that carry shot guns and have shot at a SPIKE out to 300 yards, while shooting 4 and 5 times. One in particular incident like that happend and they were telling me "Yeah, we hit that deer at 300 yards wit ah slug" and then start laughing. I asked them where was the deer" All we tracked it for every but couldn't find anything" I know better, they went out looked for about 5 mins and then went back home. The next morning I seen the spike that they "hit". Yeah, they hit him alright, he had a bad limp. I wasted (I wouldn't call it wasted because I helped this deer) I USED my last tag to put this poor thing out of its missery. Field dressed it, cut the antlers and saved the "field dressing" I pulled up to their trailer home and dumped all the guts onto their grass by the front door. I processed the deer and gave it to my granny who eats deer all the time. I can't understand why ppl shoot more than 1 time at a deer and shoot at deer out farther than USMC snipers shoot. Maybe I am just meeting a butt load of idiots or maybe I am just that good or maybe I am very humble about deer hunting. Either way, this is the type of thing I DON'T look forward to this year.
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Old 08-02-2004, 08:28 PM
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Default RE: Deer season is right around the corner

Nice story 6x. Next time it would be nice if you tried a few paragraphs. Makes it easier to read.
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Default RE: Deer season is right around the corner

I feel the same way, Deer season is an awesome time, everyone is excited if they actualy hunt, Im alot like you except my gun is a .270 (with a really expensive scope) but i carry 2 cartridges whenever im hunting , One to shoot the deer and the other incase i get lucky and see a second , i never have more than one round in the gun when hunting because it will get you to shoot alot smarter and better trust me, i got my first deer last year in the first 10 mins off my porch, it was the first of 4 deer i saw that hour.. and luckily it was the largest and it wasnt more then 80 yards away. Well sorry to make you read all this, Im out
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Default RE: Deer season is right around the corner

Getting excited here too!! Can't wait to scout and hunt my beloved Appalachian Mnts. There is one tract of public land in my area with a decent deer populatiuon. I took a nice 8pt. there last fall.

Now the bad news. The US Forest Service is building a public shooting range right in the middle of that beautiful public land deer habitat. The range will be open year round. The poaching and trashing of the place are sure to begin soon!!

So much for unspoiled hunting grounds!!
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