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Personal best??

Old 05-28-2004, 12:54 AM
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Default Personal best??

I was just wondering what you longest sucessful shot is? Or any great shot in harsh condition, etc. please include following : gun used, animal killed, distance, bullet weight. Any additional info would be great!
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Default RE: Personal best??

Longest shot :
365 yards, whitetail buck, 130 gr rem. core-lokt, Savage model 110 .270 win. dropped in his tracks. However, I don't like to call that my "best" because long shots are risky, unless you've put in your time at the range. I'd rather have a 40 yard shot. this deer was just too much to resist, and I felt comfortable enough in my abilities to make a shot like this.
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Default RE: Personal best??

Longest shot on a whitetail buck (6 pointer) was 367 yards with a 100 gr rem express corelokt from a savage 270.
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Default RE: Personal best??

A doe in 2000 475 yrds 7mm. mag, ran less than 30yrds never made it out of the field
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Default RE: Personal best??

Well since i live in ohio i cant hunt with a rifle, if i could i probably hit a deer in the open at 500yds, thats what we had to qualify at boot camp for the marines and that was with a m16 with no scope just the sights. That target was the same size as the vitals on a mature deer. However the longest shot i had with a bow was at 50yds, ive had many long shots that ive felt comfortable with but that shot sticks out like a sore thumb, it was my second nicest buck he came in this feild pushing around 8-10 does right in front of me and he stopped broadside in this field and the does where getting spooky,because i was on the ground with my bow, i drew back and let the arrow fly, it was the best shot at that distance ive ever made.
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Default RE: Personal best??

It was last fall on my first mule deer. About 30 minutes before dark, I went out with some folks from Montana who were elk hunting. My rifle and gear was back at the hotel but one of the guys said he had a rifle I could use. They dropped me off, I caught up to a group of deer, crawled up and took aim at about 300 yards, and fired once. I hit him just behind the front shoulder and right in the bread basket. I was proud that I had taken my time to get a good rest and the shot turned out as I'd hoped. I'm not saying there was much skill involved as I've never taken a shot much over 100 yards as we just don't get those in northern Minnesota and although I did some practicing at longer distances, I was using someone else's rifle. It was the last hour of the last day so I was pretty tickled...
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Default RE: Personal best??

Year before last, whitetail at 304 yards measured with a laser range finder. 7mm mag reloads, 140 grain nosler ballistic tip. Deer went 10 yards and gave it up.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Personal best??

well ive never had a shot over 150 yards[>:] but i have done one awesome shooting job while deer hunting with my 870 20ga.

well i saw a doe walk up pretty close under me then a buck came....i wanted them both so bad.

so what i did was : first i shot the buck then in a split second i shot the doe. i shot one then the other 5 times. without missing once, in fact they were all in the kill zone they were running as i shot them too. they didnt go any farther than 30 yards. that is one of my proudest hunting accomplishments
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Default RE: Personal best??

My last deer was shot with a M/L at 60 yds. My longest to date (I have been hunting for many dates) .I have never shot a deer at more than 35 yds before that. Most at 20-25 yds.
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