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passing down from relatives

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Default passing down from relatives

this quote brought up a good topic

There are those who have been passed down ideas from generation to generation and they will probably pass along the information to their kids/grandkids.

i have had the opportunity to hunt with both of my grandfather's and also my my uncles, and my father. each one of them hunts in a little different way.

my grandfather on my dad's side hunted on his farmland in a shangy and just waited for the amish to push one to him.

my grandfather on my mom's side was a walker, he walked and walked and walked.... i was 13 and he was 70 something and i was almost bauling halfway through the hunt i was so cold and tired.

my uncles scout on my grandparents farm (one built a house on the land and tends the farm now that my grandfather's gone) and only go out jest when it's that time of the day and sit in the stand.

my dad is a stander. he never sits, he never walks (well to and from the truck), he just picks a spot somewhat close to the truck where there is a couple intersections and waits.

i am a walk, sit, and stand guy.
depending on the time of the day, for instance in the morning, i'll sit in a good spot and try to get them coming to and from the feeding areas to the beds. i'll be there for about an hour or so and then i'll get up and walk for about 100 yards and stop, look, and listen for about 15 minutes. doing this throughout the morning. about 11:30 i'll sit down because hunter's often leave the woods for lunch and they move the deer around that way. after about 1 pm or so i'll get up and do my 100 yards at time thing. then about 3 pm i head towards my first spot.... two reasons, close to the truck and might catch them heading in and out of their beds.

i've gotten a deer in everyway that i just mentioned....so they all work for me.

i guess i gotta little of everybody in me huh??
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Default RE: passing down from relatives

wish my family had hunted...best i got was a fishing pole and tackle and told if i wanted to fish , then i'd have to do it on my own.....hunting, well that is a sin...mom's cool with it, but not in to it.....the rest , hell, i dont think we have any hunters , other than my sister and me...my oldest brother would kill opposums as a kid and skin em out, but he doesnt do any of that stuff anymore....you're a lucky one
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Default RE: passing down from relatives


Thank you so much for the quote. I have never been quoted before and I feel like it's quite an honor considering the circle of very experienced hunters that are on this site.

I believe that if we don't pass down the hunting from generation to generation, then maybe some day, there won't be enough people that go out and hunt, carrying on a tradition that was started so many years ago. I, for one, have seen deer tags in Nebraska get to the point where there are still unfilled tags at the end of the season. This surprises me because we actually have so many deer here in the state. The biggest problem is that most of the big ones either aren't here or are just too smart for the slightly above-average hunter.

I have been hunting deer, or at least had a tag to hunt deer, now for now my 16th year. It all started when my uncle took my dad out when I was only 7 years old. The following year, started it all for my family....we were hooked. Since then, my dad, mom, brothers, sister, neice, nephew and now my wife has purchased a tag and had the opportunity to take a deer. My brother is now involving his kids. They are 10, 6 and 4. My daughter, unfortunately, just turned a year old and still has quite a while before she is able to even come out with me when I go hunting....big debate between the wife and I.

I believe that the future of hunting not only depends on us as ethical hunters, but also on the ehtics of our children. If we raise them to hunt appropriately, then I believe that hunting will not only become better, but maybe become America's favorite past-time...just like it is for many of us here on this site.
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